Why Study at Valpo?

We are the perfect size for you!

Big enough to offer you a complete program; small enough that our focus is on you.

  • Physics and astronomy are rigorous, demanding fields of study. But at Valpo you get direct access to professors who are here to help reach your goals. You don’t get that kind of connection at larger schools where the focus is often on graduate students or pure research; yet our program is big enough to offer a full range of classes and experiences you won’t find at smaller schools.
  • Our students are awesome. They study together, play together, and hang out together. You can become a part of that community.
  • If Astronomy’s your passion, Valpo is one of only a few undergraduate programs to offer a major in astronomy in the region. We remotely use observatories in Arizona, Chile, and the Canary Islands, and we have a student-run, on-campus observatory that is used for astronomy labs, public open houses, and research.
  • Physics and astronomy ultimately involve not just classroom learning, but hands-on research. Many Valpo physics and astronomy majors work directly with professors on cutting-edge research in astronomy, condensed matter physics, computational physics, and nuclear and particle physics. You can contribute to the discoveries made here at Valpo.
  • Valpo students who decide to and prepare to go onto graduate school earn spots in prestigious schools across the country: MIT, Caltech, University of Michigan, Notre Dame, University of Illinois, to name just a few. Our program helps you reach your highest potential for your next steps.
  • Couple the critical thinking and inquiry skills from Valpo’s liberal arts program with the analytical and communication skills from physics and astronomy and you’re ready for any career.
  • We have a huge number of programs available to go with your physics or astronomy major, including professional schools (engineering and business), a premier honors college (Christ College), and all the different fields of study in the College of Arts & Sciences. You have the flexibility and freedom to build your unique skill set, to try things out, change directions, and create your own path, with help from a faculty mentor and advisor. Then there’s the myriad of cocurricular and extra-curricular options: our excellent music programs; student organizations; sports and clubs; service-learning opportunities, study-abroad programs; religious services; etc. We have you covered!
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