The following courses are approved Writing Intensive Course (WIC) when taught by a certified instructor:

ECON 236-WIC: Contending Economic Theories
ED 206-WIC: School and Society
ENGL 200-WIC: Banned Books and Novel Ideas
ENGL 200-WIC: Into the Wild
ENGL 200-WIC: The Ethics of Violence in Literature
ENGL 200-WIC: Where Stories Come From
ENGL 200-WIC:  Made in America:  Literature of Immigration and Migration
ENGL 205-WIC: Writing for the Health Sciences
ENGL 210-WIC: Business and Professional Writing
ENGL 345-WIC: The Theory and Practice of Tutoring Writing
ENGL 296-WIC: Traditions of Giving and Serving in American Life
FLGR 220-WIC: Approaches to German Studies
FLS 220-WIC: Selected Readings in Hispanic Literature
FLF 220-WIC: Approaches to French Literature
HIST 318-WIC: The Old Regime and the French Revolution
HIST 342-WIC: Modern Japan
MATH 120-WIC: Mathematics in Modern Society
MUS-390-WIC: Topics in Music
NUR 275-WIC: Transition to Professional Nursing
PHIL 205-WIC: Science and the Interpretation of Reality
PHIL 250-WIC: Political Philosophy
PHIL 275-WIC: Ancient and Medieval Philosophy
PHIL 280-WIC: Modern Philosophy
POLS 261-WIC: State and Local Politics in the United States
POLS 290-WIC: Policy and Persuasion
SOC 291-WIC: Homicide and Capital Punishment
SOCW 210-WIC: Social Welfare: Policies and Services
THEO 200-WIC / CC 215: The Christian Tradition
THEO 200-WIC: The Christian Tradition