When he wandered from the room

I imagined he’d been kidnapped.


What kind of ransom would I rally

for his rescue? Kidnapped,


or on the phone with his girlfriend.

How would I grieve? I watched TV


until he slouched back into the couch,

where we stared at a building


exploding. At some point he said

I always thought we’d end up together,


the screen’s blue light almost pretty,

almost like clouds tatting temporary


shadows across his face in a park, where maybe

we were staging a picnic, and not the glare


of the skyscraper shrugging into rubble.

It was such a bizarre thing to say.


Courtney Queeney’s book Filibuster to Delay a Kiss was published by Random House in 2007. Her work has been published by American Poetry Review, the American Poetry Society of America’s Poem-a-Day series, The Believer, Black Warrior Review, McSweeney’s, Michigan Quarterly Review, The New York Times, as well as other journals and anthologies.

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