Keith Dunlap: “The Pharmacist”


The pharmacist has a lazy eye.

It is difficult not to stare.

His thinning hair, his blue smock,

his trembling hands, his pock-marked face

do not compare with the wayward eye

which droops into the corner

of its socket. I am tempted to surmise

whether he wants me or doesn’t want me

to look him in the eyes. But the fact is

that his deformity is as clear to me

as mine is to him, since

even with his lazy eye

he can read my prescription.

Keith Dunlap’s work has appeared in numerous journals, including Baltimore Review, Borderlands: Texas Poetry Review, Carolina Quarterly, Comstock Review, Ninth Letter, and Poet Lore. Hip Pocket Press published his first collection, Storyland, in 2016.

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