Random densities

of pine cones top

the tall, slender loblollies

swaying slightly

to light, sporadic breezes

in imperfect unison

with their fellows.


One cannot help but feel calmed

by their restrained buoyancy

before the gray

grifting overcast



It would be nice to climb one,

to look back

at my empty hammock,

still swaying, still bulging

with my presence

in my absence.



Rick Rauch has had poetry published in various literary journals, including Burningword, Cape Rock, ConfrontationCrack the Spine, Euphony, Jet Fuel, Grey Sparrow, The MacGuffinPembroke MagazineWild Violet, and the anthologies Love Notes (Vagabondage Press) and Down to the Dark River: Contemporary Poems about the Mississippi River (Louisiana Literature Press).

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