Lisa Low: “Letter to Kath”


Thanks for the pictures, Kath, but you must

admit, we don’t look great. We look old

and gray. As faded as yesterday’s newspapers,

especially beside gorgeous Flora, prancing

through the park in her pink patent leathers.

It’s pouring rain here today. The soil’s soaked;

the pavement’s wet and black. The sewers are

choked with white paper napkins that bubble

as they go down. But why should that, why

should anything, make us suffer? Tomorrow,

no doubt, it will be sunnier. Out of a pink

sky smeared with clouds, the sun will pour

casks of hot light down. The grass will be

greener than we ever remember seeing. The

forsythia will drip its bright yellow, cut-glass

spears, and far away, on your bright green lawn,

you will be out painting landscapes with Flora!

Lisa Low’s poetry, reviews, interviews, and academic essays have appeared in Massachusetts Review, The Broken Plate, BoomerLitMag, Boston Review, Crack the Spine, Cross Currents, Delmarva Review, Evening Street Press, The Boston Herald, Litbreak Magazine, Phoebe, The Portland Press Herald, Potomac Review, Spillway, Streetlight Magazine, Tusculum Review, The Virginia Normal, and Aphros Literary Magazine, among others. She is one of the editors of Milton, the Metaphysicals, and Romanticism, published by Cambridge University Press in 1994. Low spent twenty years as an English professor, teaching at Cornell College in Mt. Vernon, Iowa; Colby College in Waterville, Maine; and Pace University in New York City. In addition to her work as an educator, Low was briefly a film and theatre critic for Christian Science Monitor.

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