Bart Sutter: “Song of the Small”




As my granddaughter, so slight,
Who plays both violin and hockey,
Walks the walk and climbs the steps,
Her blonde hair shining, though the day is gray,
Her smile bright, her high voice clear,
She’s bubbling with news of all
That she’s already seen and done.

Meanwhile, a wren so small
That you could hold it in your hand
If you could somehow catch it,
Writes excited scribbles in the air,
Singing its own significant song.

None of this appears on the nightly news
Of what’s purportedly important.



Bart Sutter has published a book of stories, a book of essays, and eight collections of poetry, the most recent of which are Nordic Accordion: Poems in a Scandinavian Mood and So Surprised to Find You Here, both from Nodin Press. He has had four verse plays produced and often performs as one half of The Sutter Brothers, a poetry-and-music duo.

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