Mary Beth Hines: “After Making Love”


she leaves lights on and listens
for the lull and heave

of her sometimes lover’s deep-
dream breath, presses her tender

breasts against his back, breathes in
his hair before she flees

the tangle of sheets, lights up
outside on the fire escape—

final few precious tokes, smoky
courage for her coming revelation—

touches the inked planets circling
her wrist, shifts back and forth

in her cooling skin, her not yet
swelling belly, new center

of the reeling world whether
he chooses to stay or go

she’s already nostalgic
for this last simple night

when desire fashioned them dazzling

Mary Beth Hines has had recent poems appear in Bracken, Cider Press Review, Tar River Poetry, and The Lake. Kelsay Books published her first poetry collection, Winter at a Summer House, in 2021.

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