Psychometric Assessments

Strong Interest Inventory

This is a computerized inventory that takes about twenty to thirty minutes to complete, and your counselor will score and interpret the results in a follow-up session. The Strong measures your interests--not your abilities--and compares your interests with the interests of people happily employed in a wide variety of occupations. It's intended to help you make long-term academic or occupation choices.

Myers Briggs Type Indicator

This assessment can help you understand where you focus your attention, the way you take in information, the way you make decisions, and how you deal with the world. Understanding these factors can help you focus more effectively on a career choice. The Valparaiso University Career Center also uses the Myers-Briggs Career Report to assist you in selecting a major, identifying strengths and potential weaknesses as you plan you career path, and develop action steps to meet your goals.

Career Thoughts Inventory

The CTI is a career assessment designed to help you identify your misconceptions about careers and career planning. Since negative beliefs hinder decision making, challenging these self defeating assumptions may allow you to fully engage in the career development process.

Clients complete the CTI Test Booklet by responding to each of the 48 items using a 4-point rating scale (ranging from Strongly Disagree to Strongly Agree). The CTI yields a Total Score (a single global indicator of negative thinking in career problem solving and decision making) as well as scores on 3 construct scales.

  • Decision Making Confusion
  • Commitment Anxiety
  • External Conflict

The CTI can help you understand the nature of your negative thoughts as well as how much assistance you are likely to need in order to make effective decisions about the future.