You can now put in your event scheduling request for most spaces* on campus with EMS.

Here’s how it works:

  1. Log in to EMS and choose “Create a Reservation.”
  2. Fill out your request, being as complete and providing as much information as possible.
  3. Click Create a Reservation to send your request to the Scheduling Office.
  4. The Harre Union will contact you shortly (usually within 48–72 business hours) regarding your request (Please note that processing requests may take longer if the request is sent at the beginning of a semester, due to volume of requests this time of the year).
  5. A confirmation email will be sent for all spaces booked by the Harre Union. If we are not able to grant your request, we will work with you to find an alternate date, time, or space for your event.

Please keep in mind that this is only a REQUEST for a room reservation and not an ACTUAL reservation.

If you need additional information or assistance, please email or call 219.464.5007 during regular business hours.

 Fill Out Your Union Room Request

*For Spaces Not Available in EMS:

  • Event Spaces in Valparaiso University Center for the Arts: contact Jeff Hazewinkel at ext. 5453.
  • Lumina and Legacy Rooms in Arts & Sciences Building: contact Luci Hicks at ext. 5314.
  • Chapel of the Resurrection: contact the chapel staff at ext. 5093.
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