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Leadership & Governance

A commitment to collaboration and transparency

An independent Lutheran institution, Valparaiso University operates under the guidance of its Board of Directors, which appoints the University’s president and establishes terms of employment for its officers. The Board’s plan of internal governance provides for representation of faculty, staff, and students.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the Lutheran University Association, Inc /dba Valparaiso University bears ultimate responsibility for the University’s operations and finances. Its membership of up to 45 individuals includes the President, the Chair of the Valparaiso University Guild Board of Directors, and the President of the Valparaiso University Alumni Association. The Board’s authority, responsibilities, and processes are outlined in its bylaws. Robert D. Hansen, Jr. ’82 is Chairman of the Board.


The President is the chief executive officer of the University and its primary spokesperson. Responsible for all Valpo’s educational and managerial affairs, the president is appointed by and reports to the Board of Directors.
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University Leadership

These administrators, who report to the president, oversee broad areas of the University’s operations in support of the Strategic Plan. 
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Faculty Senate

Under Valpo’s plan of governance, the faculty has jurisdiction over academic affairs; the only exception being when the entire faculty meets in plenary session, where it delegates its functions to the Faculty Senate, which consists of 26 faculty members. The Faculty Senate’s responsibilities and procedures are outlined in the Faculty Senate By-Laws.

Student Governance

Valparaiso University’s student body enjoys a significant degree of self-determination. The University’s plan of governance assigns it exclusive responsibility for administration of the honor system. Also under the jurisdiction of students are policies governing the use of the student union, funding and oversight of student organizations and media, and establishing and enforcing house rules in student residences. Student representatives serve alongside faculty members on the Educational Policy Committee of the Faculty Senate and join members of the faculty and staff on the University Council.
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University Council

The 54 members of the University Council meet monthly to consider matters of mutual or common concern to the University that are not specifically and exclusively assigned to the faculty or student body. Representatives from the faculty, student body, and staff are elected by their respective constituencies. Among the University Council’s committees are the Campus Community Policy Committee, the Committee on Intercollegiate Athletics, the Diversity Concerns Committee, and the Student Academic Fair Practices Committee.

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Vision and Planning

A two-year process engaged representatives of the community in creating a plan that calls for innovation, increased enrollment and financial sustainability.

University Policies

On academic and student life, health, safety, and security, nondiscrimination, and more.