28-hour B.A. in Biology

This degree offers a broad background in basic biology to students pursuing a second major or minor in any discipline, including humanities and social sciences.


B.A. students in biology at Valpo must complete the general-education requirements for the B.A. This University-wide core strengthens communication and critical thinking skills while introducing students to global cultures and traditions.

Biology Courses

BIO 171 Unity of Life 4 credits
BIO 172 Diversity of Life 4 credits
BIO 270 Genetics and Genome Evolution 4 credits
Two courses from BIO 290 to BIO 380 6-7 credits
Two courses from BIO 420 to BIO 490
8 credits
Two credits from the following options:   

  • BIO 493 Seminar in Biology
  • BIO 495 Research in Biology
2 credits
TOTAL 28 credits
Additional Required Courses:
Two semesters of general chemistry

Additional Recommended Courses

Depending on career goals and special requirements for graduate schools and professional programs, students are advised to include courses in advanced chemistry, advanced mathematics (including calculus), computer science, physics, and statistics in their plans of study.

Biology majors are also encouraged to conduct research under the supervision of a faculty member as part of the graduation requirements, with research opportunities at many highly recognized programs sponsored by national laboratories or other institutions.