Seymour Sloan,
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Seymour Sloan

Death of Seymour Sloan
[Obituary from a Redlands, California newspaper, Dec. 11, 1891]

Last evening (Thursday) Mr. Seymour Sloan died after a brief illness. He was born July 25, 1800, in New York state and emigrated to Ashtabula County, Ohio, in early manhood, settling in Kingsville, where he married Miss Drusilla Luce, whom he has survived over twenty years. In 1852 he once more changed his place of abode, settling with his whole family in what is now Kewanee, Ill., where he remained until December 1887, when, with his two daughters, Mrs. Jas. B. Morse and Miss Mary Sloan, Mr. Morse and Mr. and Mrs. Horace L. Sloan (the former his eldest son), he came to Redlands, a move which has always given him great pleasure and better health. Mr. Sloan was a man of strong principles, and had little patience with the modern winking at such principles. He was a man of unusual business ability, and almost to the end of his life managed his own affairs. From a very early age Mr. Sloan has been an ardent Methodist and a liberal supporter of that church. He has lived a long and useful life, and from his own testimony is glad to be at rest. Mr. Sloan will be taken to Kewanee to rest beside his wife and eldest daughter, Mrs. N. H. Pratt. Besides the above named daughters he has two sons residing in Chicago, Junius R. Sloan, an artist well and favorably known throughout the East, & Dr. Henry H. Sloan, a successful physician & proprietor of Sloan House, Redlands.