Counseling Services Remains Open!

We are Different but We are Here.

Counseling Services will continue to offer a range of services to Valparaiso University Students and to provide support to the Valparaiso University Community through phone and video consultations throughout the summer semesters. For either of the two summer sessions, students must be enrolled in at least 1 credit hour to be eligible for all available services, including continued one to one time with a mental health provider. However, please review our website for a host of support options available to all regardless of current student status. If you need help with navigating these resources or are interested in receiving support from Valparaiso University Counseling Services please email

University life can often involve times of change, growth, and transition. Learning to balance things such as academics, athletics, organizations, work, family, and friends is challenging, and often requires applying new skills. Sometimes this process is manageable and gratifying, and at other times, it can be chaotic and upsetting. When you need help in understanding and coping with difficulties, you may often turn to your family and friends. You may also find that the assistance of a trained professional is beneficial in helping you.

The Counseling Center seeks to provide a space for you to explore freely any personal concerns you may have. We offer a range of services to support your overall mental health, and you can learn more about these by going here. We would like to welcome you to our office with the hope that our services will be helpful to you.

The director of Counseling Services is Stewart Cooper, Ph.D.