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Challenge Yourself to Be Your Best

Christ College, Valparaiso University’s Honors College, offers strong students in every field of study an engaging alternative path to complete their general education requirements.  Designated honors professors will guide you and other highly motivated students to examine significant questions, such as “What is the good life?” and “What are our responsibilities toward other human beings?” by reading great texts and writing thoughtful essays.


Fall 2024 Application

If you have been admitted to Valpo for the Fall 2024, submit your application to Christ College, The Honors College, below.  

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Leadership for Tomorrow

Tanner Gesell ‘19 – Mechanical Engineering Major, Music Minor, Christ College Scholar

The Christ College community empowers students to take academic and personal chances. The skills cultivated by engaging in challenging philosophical questions lead students to a lifelong pursuit of knowledge. Christ College influences students to be world changers, both on campus and around the globe. 

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Oldest honors college in the United States
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Fulbrights awarded in the past two years
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Purposeful Passion

Eseosasere Okundaye ‘20 – Majoring in political science/pre-law and social work

The broad array of topics covered in Christ College allow students to grow their own personal values and shape their life’s purpose. Faculty encourage students to openly share their ideas in a safe space, free of criticism, fostering growth of student confidence. Confidence and purpose naturally lead to leadership, one of the many skills cultivated by CC. 

Christ College students

The Christ College Experience

Whatever their majors or career paths, Christ College students share the pleasure of intense engagement with thought and a commitment to understanding what they can accomplish in the world.

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