Alumni Reading Groups

Intellectual engagement after graduation

One of the signature experiences of Christ College is meeting with fellow students to discuss important texts and cultural monuments. Christ College alumni reading groups, which have formed in:

  • Amherst, Massachusetts
  • Austin, Texas –
  • Chicago, Illinois –
  • Chicago, Illinois –
  • Cincinnati, Ohio –
  • Columbus, Ohio –
  • Denver, Colorado –
  • Detroit, Michigan –
  • Indianapolis, Indiana –
  • Lincoln, Nebraska –
  • Los Angeles, California –
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota –
  • Rockford, Illinois –
  • Sioux Falls, South Dakota –
  • St. Louis, Missouri –
  • Valparaiso, Indiana –
  • Washington, D.C. –

These groups give alumni a cherished opportunity to continue these life-changing conversations and participate in the life of the College. Each year, Christ College provides the groups with a syllabus, including a reading list and suggested discussion questions, that touches on themes and texts that are discussed in Christ College that year. Check out the 50th Anniversary page for Reading Group syllabi back to 2002!

Letter from Mark Schwehn and Dorothy Bass


2020-2021 Alumni Reading Group Syllabus