One of the most valuable benefits of being a Christ College student is access to expert advice on coursework, career preparation, applications for scholarships, fellowships, and competitive postgraduate programs — and many other aspects of academic life. In addition to a professional advisor in her or his major field, Christ College students have the benefit of advice and guidance from experienced Christ College advisor, Associate Dean Zachary King, in making the best choices about academic planning and registration, co-curricular opportunities, and career preparation in CC.

The Christ College Office can be reached by email at christ.college@valpo.edu or by phone at 219-464-5022 for any questions or concerns, and Associate Dean King can be contacted at zach.king@valpo.edu. You can also easily set up a quick appointment to meet with Dean King here.

For a full listing of Christ College courses being offered this year, visit our Courses page. You can review all required courses on our Honors Curriculum page.

Visit Data VU to access a variety of resources for academic planning, campus services, employee and faculty resources, financial aid information, as well as student records.

For the full list of registration, financial, and verification forms, visit the registrar’s website. CC students often use these forms, which the dean’s office can approve:

Christ College students may take classes beyond the Christ College Scholar designation for a complementary major or minor in humanities
To declare a major or minor in humanities, please submit the “Curriculum Change” form to the registrar. Page 6 of the form asks whether you are adding or dropping a major or minor; page 7 allows you to keep your current major/minor, while adding or dropping your humanities major/minor.