Christ College traditions are at the heart of the student experience.

Life in Valpo’s honors college is much more than classes and papers. Christ College students participate in many traditions that form lifelong relationships and memories.

Christ College First-Year Production

First-Year Production

A musical theater production written, scored, produced, and performed by the CC first-year class.

A unique opportunity to explore ideas through creative dramatic and musical expression, the First-Year Production is hailed by many as one of the most memorable parts of their undergraduate careers — and one of the most fun! Graduates describe it as an invaluable experience in teamwork and creativity.

Fall 2023 CC First-Year Production

Thursday, Nov. 9, at 6:30 pm
Friday, Nov. 10, 6:30 pm
Saturday, Nov. 11, 1:00 pm
Sunday, Nov. 12, 1:00 pm
Tickets go on sale late October.  
219.464.5022 for ticket information

Students prepare for the event during the fall semester in the weekly Drama Workshop. In just 10 weeks of intense collaboration, students write, stage, and perform an original 90-minute theatrical piece with music. The First-Year Production is inspired by ideas and themes encountered in the First-Year Program, and is performed for the campus community and the public in mid-November each year. Audiences are always dazzled and delighted by the show’s quality!

The CC First Year Production is a 50 year old tradition, having gotten its official start with the production of the freshman class of 1973. Although digital records do not exist for all of the historical shows, the posters and programs for each of the three most recent productions can be found below in .pdf format.

2020-2021 All’s Fair in Love and Nouveau

2021-2022 Moralititanic: Bermuda Triangle’s Got Nothin’ On This!

2022-2023 Another One Bites The Crust

Christ College Oxford Debates

The Oxford Debates

A series of public debates on contemporary questions of ethics and policy.

The Christ College Oxford Debates enable first-year students to apply their emerging skills of academic research, critical analysis, and oral argument to significant, controversial public issues.

The Christ College Oxford Debates, held each spring are the culmination of the honors college’s first-year students’ experience. Student teams debate international issues, national concerns, regional matters, and campus topics. At the conclusion of each debate, the moderator instructs audience members to “vote their minds” by leaving the assembly hall through a door marked “PRO” or through a door marked “CON.”


6:30 pm – Mueller Hall Refectory
Tuesday, March 26, 2024 – Proposed: The United States ought to guarantee the right to housing.
Tuesday, April 2, 2024 – Proposed: The creation and protection of beautiful environments is a moral responsibility of just societies.
Thursday, April 4, 2024 – Proposed: When in conflict, the protection of the innocent is of greater value than the prosecution of the guilty.
Tuesday, April 9, 2024 (livestreamed on YouTube) – Proposed: On balance, the rise of Artificial Intelligence harms students more than it helps them.

Christ College Symposium

Christ College Symposium

The Christ College Symposium is one of the most long-standing traditions of Valparaiso’s Honors College, providing an evening of stimulating thought and engaging conversation between students, faculty and visiting scholars. Symposium events occur in two formats: Speakers Series and Next Steps.

The Speakers Series features exemplary scholars, artists, and public intellectuals who enlighten our thinking through an engaging lecture or panel discussion. These public lectures are intended for audiences from the campus and civic community, as well as Christ College. The Next Step events are curated for students to provide a forum for conversations about writing resumes, applying for fellowships, work life balance to help prepare them for life after college. Next Steps are open to all students and required for seniors taking CC499.

Christ College Picnic

Christ College Picnic

Christ College kicks off each academic year with a picnic on the front grounds of Mueller Hall. Students, faculty, and staff participate in tug-of-war, badminton, volleyball, bocce ball, and ladder golf. The day allows CC students to get reacquainted with old friends, make new ones and pick up this year’s student-designed CC t-shirt.

Christ College Dean's Address

Dean’s Address

The Dean’s Address sets the tone for the new school year.

For nearly two decades the academic year in Christ College has kicked off with the CC Dean’s Address. This event provides an opportunity for the Christ College Dean to welcome students and faculty, to share his/her thoughts on vital topics, and to introduce the CC Symposium’s theme for the year.

This year’s address was titled: “I’m Listening.” Dean Prough started the year by charging us to cultivate the habit of listening. That is, slow down and be present, #reflectreset. Be in conversation with others where you both are present and you are open to learning from one another and together. And ask yourself from time to time: Am I giving a monologue? Am I really in dialogue with this person? Is this a conversation? Am I listening like a blank wall or a symphony? Just listen.

CC Cares

CC Cares

CC students donate time to assist those in need.

“CC Cares” was created by the Christ College Student Advisory Board (SAB) to offer students the opportunity to perform community service through Christ College. Many Christ College students are eager to participate in community service on and off campus. The SAB proposes projects to benefit deserving organizations. “CC Cares” has organized food drives, put together activity kits for patients at St. Jude Children’s Hospital, and sent donations to an orphanage abroad. Students enjoy collaborating with their classmates and serving the campus and greater Valparaiso community.

Christ College Senior Banquet

Senior Banquet

At the Senior Banquet students receive recognition as well as their CC medallion.

Gathering with classmates, faculty, and distinguished guests, graduating seniors celebrate their academic and co-curricular accomplishments and reminisce about their years at Christ College. After dinner, the associate dean reads a list of each senior’s accomplishments as the dean awards a CC medallion to the graduate.