Completion of the degree requirements of the college in which the Christ College student is concurrently enrolled leads to the bachelor’s degree appropriate to that college or major. In addition, a member of Christ College will graduate as a Christ College Scholar. The transcript carries the notation of the honors designation.

Requirements for the Christ College Scholar Designation

The requirements for this designation are:

  • A cumulative grade point average of 3.30 in all coursework completed at the University and in all coursework completed in Christ College for the Scholar designation.
  • A minimum of 24 credit hours beyond the Christ College Freshman Program courses CC 110 and CC 115. Students may not choose the S/U grading option for coursework beyond CC 110 in any course used to fulfill the requirements for Scholar designation, except for CC 455 which is graded only S/U.
CC 110 Texts and Contexts I: Traditions of Human Thought 8 credits
CC 115 Texts and Contexts II: Traditions of Human Thought 8 credits
CC 215 The Christian Tradition (C-trad) 3 credits
CC 499 Senior Colloquium 1 credit
One course from the following options:
CC 205 Word and Image  

3 credits

CC 255 Interpretation: Self, Culture, Society
Three courses from the following options, at least one of which must be a CC 325 course:
CC 300/325 Seminars may fulfill general education requirements in Cultural Diversity, Upper Level Theology, Humanities, or Social Science.
CC 300 Topic Based Seminars (may be repeated) 3 credits
CC 325 Topic Based Seminars (may be repeated) 3 credits
Off-Campus Study or CC 455 An Appropriate course completed during a semester of off-campus study will be applied or Inquiry in the Liberal Arts (graded S/U only) 3 credits
TOTAL  32 credits


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