Honors Designations

Completion of the degree requirements of the college in which the Christ College student is concurrently enrolled leads to the bachelor’s degree appropriate to that college or major. In addition, a member of Christ College will graduate as a Christ College Scholar. The transcript carries the notation of the honors designation.

Requirements for the Christ College Scholar Designation

The requirements for this designation are:

  • A cumulative grade point average of 3.30 in all coursework completed at the University and in all coursework completed in Christ College for the Scholar designation.
  • A minimum of 24 credit hours beyond the Christ College First-Year Program courses CC 110 and CC 115. Students may not choose the S/U grading option for coursework beyond CC 110 in any course used to fulfill the requirements for Scholar designation, except for CC 455 which is graded only S/U.
CC 110Texts and Contexts I: Traditions of Human Thought8 credits
CC 115Texts and Contexts II: Traditions of Human Thought8 credits
CC 215The Christian Tradition (C-trad)3 credits
CC 499Senior Colloquium1 credit
One coursefrom the following options:
CC 205Word and Image


3 credits

CC 255Interpretation: Self, Culture, Society
Three courses from the following options, at least one of which must be a CC 325 course:
CC 300/325 Seminars may fulfill general education requirements in Cultural Diversity, Upper Level Theology, Humanities, or Social Science.
CC 300Topic Based Seminars (may be repeated)3 credits
CC 325Topic Based Seminars (may be repeated)3 credits
Off-Campus Study or CC 455An appropriate course completed during a semester of off-campus study will be applied or Inquiry in the Liberal Arts (graded S/U only)3 credits
TOTAL 32 credits