Christ College has its own faculty of accomplished teacher-scholars who are deeply committed to fostering students’ intellectual and personal growth.

Permanent Faculty

Gretchen BuggeIn

Gretchen Buggeln, Ph.D. Professor of Art History & Humanities

Samuel Graber

Samuel Graber, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Humanities and Literature

Tal Howard profile

Thomas Albert (Tal) Howard, Ph.D. Professor of European Intellectual and Religious History

Agnes Howard Casual

Agnes Howard, Ph.D. Adjunct Assistant Professor of Humanities

Slavica Jakelic

Slavica Jakelić, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Humanities & Social Thought


Jennifer Prough, Ph.D. Dean and Professor of Humanities & East Asian Studies

Matt Puffer

Matthew Puffer, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Humanities and Ethics

Amanda Ruud

Amanda Ruud, Ph.D. Visiting Assistant Professor of Humanities and Literature

Julien Smith, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Humanities & Theology

Edward Upton

Edward Upton, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Humanities

Lilly Postdoctoral Fellows

Since 1991, Valparaiso University’s Christ College has been home to the Lilly Fellows Program in Humanities and the Arts, a nationally prominent initiative that has played a major role in revitalizing Christian higher education in the United States. Each year three scholar-teachers with newly completed doctorates receive two-year appointments as faculty members in Christ College. As part of their preparation for potential careers at church-related colleges or universities in the United States, the Lilly Fellows teach courses in both Christ College and the College of Arts and Sciences at Valparaiso University.

Affiliated Faculty

Nicholas Denysenko

Nicholas Denysenko, Ph.D. Professor of Theology

Susan Holman, Ph.D.

Susan Holman, Ph.D. Professor of Religion and the Healing Arts