Guild Undergraduate Creative Work and Research Expense Grant Proposal Format

Each undergraduate research grant proposal should follow the format below:

I. Abstract

Please provide an abstract of 200 or fewer words.

II. Project Description

Applicants will briefly describe the project they envision, with enough detail to provide a clear picture of the project but without technical or specialized description which would obscure the description’s clarity.

Applicants should give special attention to the following:
  1. The purpose of the project: What are the objectives? What theoretical framework, if any, underlies the project? Is this a student initiated project or is it part of a larger faculty project? If this is a part of a faculty project, then what is the relationship between this specific project and the larger research project? If you are requesting travel funds, why do you have to go to this specific location to do or present this research?
  2. The significance of the research: What is the value of this research? Why does it matter? How will it add to what is known about this subject? To what audiences does this matter and why?
  3. The plan of work: What is the timetable for the work? What special tasks or processes will be involved?
  4. Anticipated results: If all goes as planned, what can be the expected outcome of the project, and how will it enhance teaching or learning? How will you ensure that the information learned from this project does not end with you? In other words, what is your dissemination plan for what you learn?

III. Budget

A brief, but specific, statement of how the grant will be spent (i.e., equipment, materials, stipends, travel, etc.)

IV. Faculty Sponsor

The student should identify a faculty sponsor who will review the student’s proposal and agree to act as a resource person during the research project. A letter of support from the faculty sponsor is no longer required as part of the student’s application. Instead, once the student has submitted his/her application, the faculty sponsor will receive an email request to review the proposal and then complete the Undergraduate Research and Creative Work Rating Form in lieu of a letter of support.

All applications and supporting documentation must be uploaded as a PDF file using the appropriate online submission form.