Year  Name  Project Title
 University Research Professorship
 2020-21 Christopher Drapeau,
Not Sleeping on It Any Longer:  Developing Resources to Address Insufficient Sleep in the K-12 Setting
Todd Hillwig,
Physics and Astronomy
How Close White Dwarf Binaries Help Us Understand the Universe:  The Culmination of Twelve Years of Research
 2019-20 Haiying He,
Physics and Astronomy
Computational Design of New Materials for Energy Conversion and Initiation of a New Research Direction
Luke Venstrom,
Mechanical Engineering
Solar at Night:  An Opportunity to Redefine Solar Energy
 Philip and Miriam Kapfer Faculty Research Award
 2020-21 Michael Longan,
I’m Country:  A Geography of Country Music Book
 2018-19 Allison Schuette,
Flight Paths:  Mapping Our Changing Neighborhoods
 Wheat Ridge Ministries – O.P. Kretzmann Memorial Fund Grants
2020-21 Christina Cavinder,
Effects of Low-Stress Care on Premature Infants in the Newborn Intensive Care Unit on DNA Methylation at the SLC1A2 Gene
John Fantuzzo,
Educational Opportunity and Respect Advancing Equity and Wellbeing through Prison Education
Danielle Orozco-Nunnelly, Biology
Jeffrey Pruet,
Identifying and Developing Novel Compounds to Combat Infection and Cancer
 2019-20 Sara Gundersen,
The Pentecostal Gender Paradox:  A Study Exploring the Relationship between Membership in Ghana’s Pentecostal Churches and Attitudes toward Domestic Violence
Theresa Kessler,
A Grounded Theory Investigation into Depression in Freshman College Students
Julie Peller,
Filling in Knowledge Gaps on Air Contaminants in North Lake County, Indiana
 Summer Research Fellowships
 2019-20 Benjamin Boche,
Selina Bartels,
From University to Classroom and Back:  Re-envisioning Elementary Education Teacher Preparation through a Collaborative Interdisciplinary Approach
Masaru Nakamoto,
Cell-Cell Competition in Cancer Suppression
Shahin Nudehi,
Peter Krenzke,
Mechanical Engineering
Paul Smith, Chemistry
Experimental and Mathematical Modeling of Cobalt Oxide Oxidation in a Rotating Electrode Cell
Jennifer Prough,
Christ College
Olympic Heritage:  Soft Power and the Olympics through the Lens of Kyoto Tourism
Matthew Puffer,
Christ College
On the Image of God in the City of God:  An Ethical Analysis
 Award for Excellence in Research and Creative Work
 2019-20  Carmine Polito Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering,
College of Engineering
 2018-19  Shahin Nudehi Dept. of Mechanical Engineering & Bioengineering, College of Engineering
 2017-18  David Rowland Dept. of Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences