Year  Name  Project Title
 University Research Professorship
 2019-20 Haiying He,
Physics and Astronomy
Computational Design of New Materials for Energy Conversion and Initiation of a New Research Direction
Luke Venstrom,
Mechanical Engineering
Solar at Night:  An Opportunity to Redefine Solar Energy
 2018-19 Slavica Jakelic,
Christ College
The Dignity of Work, the Right to Work, and the Good Life:  Lutheran and Catholic Contributions to Rethinking Work in the Age of Global Capitalism
Shirvel Stanislaus,
Physics and Astronomy
Probing the Nucleus:  A Measurement of the Gluon Contribution to the Spin of the Proton and a Search for the Electric Dipole Moment of the Neutron
 Philip and Miriam Kapfer Faculty Research Award
 2018-19 Allison Schuette,
Flight Paths:  Mapping Our Changing Neighborhoods
 2016-17 Amanda Zelechoski,
Integrating Psychology and Law in Teaching, Scholarship, and  the Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
 Wheat Ridge Ministries – O.P. Kretzmann Memorial Fund Grants
2019-20 Sara Gundersen,
The Pentecostal Gender Paradox:  A Study Exploring the Relationship between Membership in Ghana’s Pentecostal Churches and Attitudes toward Domestic Violence
Theresa Kessler,
A Grounded Theory Investigation into Depression in Freshman College Students
Julie Peller,
Filling in Knowledge Gaps on Air Contaminants in North Lake County, Indiana
 2018-19 Matthew Becker,
Edmund Schlink’s “Ecumenical Dogmatics”
Alex Capaldi,
Mathematics & Statistics
Decreasing Prevalence of the Disease Vector Aedes aegypti via  Conservation of the Endangered Giant Air Plant of Florida
 Summer Research Fellowships
 2018-19 Peter Krenzke,
Mechanical Engineering
Cobalt Oxide Reactor Testing
Jon-Paul McCool,
Geography &  Meteorology
Soil and Sediment Analysis for Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction in Central Sudan
Shahin Nudehi,
Mechanical Engineering
Mathematical Modeling and System Identification of the SynRM ABB Electric Motor
Laura Rowe,
Investigating the Stability of Amino Acids and Proteins in the Terrestrial Analogue Environments of Yellowstone National Park
Paul Smith,
Pursuing New Zinc Ion Batteries
Amanda Zelechoski,
Project LISTEN:  Narrative Assessment of Trauma and Risk in Youth
 Award for Excellence in Research and Creative Work
 2018-19  Shahin Nudehi Dept. of Mechanical Engineering & Bioengineering,
College of Engineering
 2017-18  David Rowland Dept. of Psychology, College of Arts and Sciences
 2016-17  Theresa Kessler College of Nursing and Health Professions
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