Award for Excellence in Research and Creative Work

The Award for Excellence in Research and Creative Work will recognize a tenured faculty member who has made significant scholarly contributions to his/her discipline and/or to public discourse over the course of his or her career.

The awardee will be engaged in the national or international conversation within his/her domain of study, demonstrating notable accomplishments and recognition in scholarly, artistic, or other relevant communities. Evidence for this will consist of a body of public work in the form of refereed publications, public performance, juried presentations, invited presentations, and/or public service on regional, state, or national committees/commissions or other works/services appropriate to the discipline.

The award will be presented annually and includes a $1,500 stipend. This is reduced from past years where the award has historically included a $3,000 stipend. This change currently only applies to the current 2023-2024 academic year.

All full-time employees with faculty status and at least seven years of full-time equivalent employment are eligible. Prior winners of the award are eligible after 10 additional years of service and must document significant scholarly achievements during this interval. Nominees may be re-submitted by the colleges for a second year without editing nomination packages. After two years, nominees may still be re-submitted, but should provide an updated nomination package at that time. Senior research professors are not eligible.