Josh Stumpenhorst

Photo of keynote speaker Josh Stumpenhurst

Josh Stumpenhorst, the 2011-12 Illinois Teacher of the Year and ISTE Emerging Leader, is author of the book The New Teacher Revolution: Changing Education for a New Generation of Learners, by Corwin Press, which analyzes current practices in schools and suggests alternate and more effective strategies for all teachers.  Stumpenhorst is an influential blogger whose innovative ideas have challenged the status quo and produced outstanding student outcomes. In his book and on his blog, Stump the TeacheCover of the book titled The New Teacher Revolutionr, Stumpenhorst discusses his often unorthodox educational philosophies, such as his belief that homework and grades actually harm student learning and his emphasis on building relationships with students based on trust and respect rather than fear and punishment.

Josh is credited for starting “Innovation Days” based on the motivation theories written by Daniel Pink where students choose and drive their learning activities. In addition to Pink’s acknowledgment of Josh’s work, Josh has helped start Innovation Days at numerous other classrooms in the U.S. and internationally.  Josh was recently featured in a TedX, A Classroom –led Solution for Changing Our School System.  Josh is a 6th grade teacher at Lincoln Junior High School in Napervillle, Illinois. He believes it is time to throw out the old rulebook.  Today’s classroom demands teacher innovation, embracing new technology, and rejection of outdated practices.

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