Life after Graduation

Teachers become teachers because they want to make a difference. They love their subject matter and want to pass it on to a new generation of learners. Valparaiso University equips students with a teaching degree and license and helps them shape the character that will sustain them throughout their career.

Valpo has a strong education department and they teach you strategies that you will use as the foundation for your career.

– Daniel Kuznik ’01, Indiana Teacher of the Year in 2008

Becoming Licensed

Valpo graduates benefit from Indiana’s license reciprocity agreements. When candidates are licensed to teach in Indiana, their licenses are recognized by other U.S. states, including Illinois, Michigan, and Ohio — and states as far away as Hawaii, Maine, Florida, and California.

To become licensed, students must meet requirements for both Indiana state teacher licensure and applicable education programs. Students therefore work closely with an academic advisor throughout their academic career. The requirements for licensure in Indiana are subject to change by the state and may affect education student requirements at any time.

Elementary Education

Students who seek licensure as an elementary teacher must complete the requirements of

  • The bachelor of science in education with a major in elementary education, and either
    • A Rules for Educator Preparation and Accountability (REPA) content area minor, or
    • A REPA content area major approved for certification by the Indiana Department of Education (IDOE)

Secondary Education

Students seeking secondary licensure declare

  • A complementary major in secondary education, and
  • An academic major in another department

Indiana Department of Education Licensing Agent:  LVIS

Dedicated Advising

Education students work with a full-time advisor to ensure they meet their graduation requirements, licensing standards, and career goals.