Literacy Workshop with Maria Walther


Our one-day workshops have benefited area educators for more than a decade. They are designed to bring cutting-edge research that models best practices for teachers, literacy coaches, and administrators in community schools. The Professional Educators Partnership is honored to host Maria Walther at the 15th Annual Literacy Workshop: Spark the Reading – Writing Connection.  Please note the literacy workshop has been moved to December 2019.


Friday, December 6, 2019

“The Ramped-Up Read Aloud”

“Month-by-Month Reading Instruction for the Differentiated Classroom”

“Next Step Guided Reading Assessment”

The Reading Writing Connection Workshop features teacher, author, and literacy expert Maria Walther, Ed.D.  This workshop focuses on utilizing the gradual release of responsibility approach to guide students within different learning contexts.  Rediscover the art of interactive read aloud to spark high-level conversation and teach a variety of strategies by focusing on the reading-writing connection.  Learn how to guide readers and writers across your school day by modeling, meeting with small groups, and conferring.  Explore innovate ways to re-energize your students’ independent reading and writing.

  • Consider a variety of learning contexts and teaching strategies to met diverse learners’ needs.  
  • Ramp up the read aloud experiences by leaning about books and classroom-tested teaching techniques.  
  • Learn how to foster collaborative conversations to strengthen learners’ ability to construct meaning and craft texts. 
  • Understand how to effectively guide readers and writers by modeling, meeting with small groups, and conferring. 
  • Discover ways to empower learners to actively engage in independent reading and writing.   


Maria Walther PHOTO

Maria Walther, PhD., is a National Board Certified Teacher and Literacy Consultant. Maria earned a doctorate in elementary education form Northern Illinois University and has taught first grade since 1986.  Along with teaching young learners, Maria inspires other educators by sharing her knowledge through engaging professional learning experiences.  The ideas she shares reflect her continued commitment to teaching, researching, writing, and collaborating with her colleagues.  Maria was honored as Illinois Reading Educator of the Year, earned the ICARE for Reading Award for fostering the love of reading in children and was named The Outstanding Literacy Alumni by the Department of Literacy Education at Northern Illinois University.  She has co-authored five professional books and the Next Step Guided Reading Assessment with co-author Jan Richardson.  Her latest book, The Ramped-Up Read Aloud, is published by Corwin.  Learn more about her books at and follow her on Twitter @mariawalther.



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“Who’s Doing the Work? – How to Say Less So Readers Can Do More”


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“Close Reading, Lessons for Analyzing Text–and Life”

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“It’s Not the Technology, Its the THINKING”

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“The Importance of Vocabulary as a Predictor of Student Success”