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Parent Information

Dear Parents,

We would like to offer you the answers to some of the questions you might have concerning the fraternity community at Valparaiso University. Fraternities at any university offer your son a “home away from home,” providing friendship, scholastic support, leadership experience, involvement, and opportunities for the future.

At Valpo, the fraternity community is strongly united and growing in numbers. On campus, the students affiliated with fraternities are viewed as a great asset, and many of the members are active campus leaders. Valparaiso University currently has 10 inter/national fraternities . All organizations have unique qualities, well suited to each of its members. Your son will have no trouble choosing an organization to join.

If you have any questions concerning fraternity membership, please access our Parents Guide to Fraternities – 2019-2020 or view this Potential New Member Parent video created by LaunchPoint, or do not hesitate to contact Dr. Carolyn Whittier, Assistant Vice President for Student Life by phone at 219.464.5411.

Myths and Facts About Fraternities

MYTH: My son will not have time for his studies if he joins a fraternity.

FACT:   Fraternities were founded upon the ideal of academic excellence, and the fraternity men at Valpo perform better academically than the non-affiliated men. In the spring 2020 semester, the average GPA of a fraternity man was a 3.422. Every man joining a fraternity must have a 2.50 cumulative GPA and 12 completed college credits to be eligible for membership.

MYTH: Men join fraternities to “buy their friends” during college.

FACT: The costs of fraternity membership are not related to “buying friends.” Membership dues pay for the programming, leadership development, and other benefits that members receive on both the local and national level.

MYTH: My son will be hazed if he joins a fraternity.

FACT: Valparaiso University has a zero-tolerance policy regarding hazing. All fraternity men are educated about the plague of hazing and sign an agreement stating their understanding of the policy and a commitment to not hazing, and all alleged violations of the University hazing policy are fully investigated. It is our priority to create a safe and healthy environment for all fraternity men at Valparaiso University.

MYTH: We cannot afford for our son to join a fraternity.

FACT: Joining a fraternity does have costs associated with membership. Semester chapter dues range from $400 – $550 and all chapters offer a payment plan.  If your son chooses to live in a fraternity house the housing costs are less than living in an on-campus residence hall.

MYTH: My son will be required to live in a fraternity house if he joins.

FACT: None of the fraternities at Valpo require all of their members to live in the fraternity house. Typically, men will live in the fraternity house during their sophomore and junior years at Valpo.

MYTH: If my son joins a fraternity he will spend all of his time partying.


Fraternity membership does include an optional social aspect, and Valpo fraternity men take a great deal of pride in providing a safe and healthy environment for their guests. All fraternity men are trained annually on risk management and harm reduction efforts to ensure safe social activities.

Fraternity men also spend a great deal of time participating in service opportunities in the community. In the 2019-2020 academic year, Valpo fraternity men contributed over 8,000 hours of community service and raised over $67,000 for philanthropic organizations.

MYTH: My son will be stereotyped like a character in the movie “Animal House.”

FACT: Fraternity membership at Valpo is nothing like “Animal House.” Fraternity men are leaders on campus and currently serve as members of Student Senate, Ambassadors in Admissions, varsity athletes, and so many more. The fraternity community offers a place for men from all majors, backgrounds, and lifestyles.

MYTH: Fraternity membership has no benefits after graduation.

FACT: Fraternity membership is not just for four years — it’s for life. Each man that joins a fraternity agrees to be an active member well beyond his undergraduate years at Valpo. While the collegiate years are the most highly associated with fraternity membership, alumni men actively serve as chapter advisors and mentors to the undergraduate men. Undergraduate fraternity chapters benefit greatly from the lifelong involvement of members.

Following graduation, fraternity men benefit from their membership through extensive networking opportunities with brothers around the world.

Please check out a Parent’s Guide to Fraternity Life.