Trademark Licensing

The Valparaiso University licensing program is managed by Learfield Licensing LLC.  The agency assists with protection and promotion of the University’s name, logos, and wordmarks.

Any manufacturer interested in using our marks and logos must receive permission from the University through a formal licensing agreement and is subject to applicable royalties at the current rate of 12 percent.  Any person, organization, or corporation manufacturing a product or providing a service mark bearing or containing any of the marks of the University must, prior to such marks, enter into a licensing agreement with the University.

Licensed vendors are required to submit product samples and artwork to the University for approval.  This ensures that the product is of good quality and that the artwork is done in a manner that reflects positively on the University.

A complete list of our licensed vendors can be found here. 

Type “Valparaiso University” in the search box.  At the next page, click on “view.”

University purchases for items that are not for resale are exempt from royalties.  However, it is still important that purchases go through licensed vendors.  They have received authorization to use our marks and logos and carry product liability insurance coverage.

Licensed manufacturers pay the University royalties on all products sold.  Revenues collected on licensed merchandise support the University’s scholarship program.

Valparaiso University’s Registered Trademarks include:

– “Valparaiso University”
– “Valparaiso Crusaders”
– University Seal
– University Shield
– Crusader Mascot

For more information regarding trademarks and the licensing program, please call 219.464.6800.