Members in Course

Initiation Year: 2023

Members in Course initiated Friday, May 12, 2023:

Elias Anderson
Music and Mechanical Engineering

James Baur
Accounting and Chinese and Japanese Studies

Sophia Behrens
French and International Relations

Travis Biancardi
Computer Science and German

Lily Carmel
Political Science and Global Studies: Global Service

Allison Cyr
International Relations and Independent Course of Study: “Politics, Law, and Social Issues in the United States”

Micah D’Arcangelo
Mechanical Engineering and Spanish

Rachel Dewitt
Communications and Statistics

Ryan Dziatkowiec
Spanish and Secondary Education

Katelyn Eisenhutt
Music and German

Kristen Flaws

Grace Fleszewski
Environmental Science and Geography

Keelie Gilbert
International Business

Abigail Morrow
Actuarial Science

Burke Niego

Tytus Ragle

Members in Course initiated Friday, May 13, 2022:

  • Victoria Lynn Arevalo
  • Katlynn Austin
    Communications and Chemistry
  • Robyn Brown
    Mathematics and Secondary Education
  • Ian M. Chenoweth
    Political Science
  • Ashley Darnell
  • Dawson Demien
    Computer Science and Chinese and Japanese Studies
  • Laura Marie Floyd
    Electrical Engineering and Physics and German
  • Gabriel Fragoso
    Computer Science and Mathematics and Data Science
  • Rebekah Rae Hershberger
    Psychology and Sociology
  • Kaitlyn Nicole Jedrzejowski
    Theology and Ministry and Economics
  • Morgan Kier
    Meteorology and Spanish
  • Hannah Kornfeld
    Spanish and Secondary Education
  • Zoe Helen Lucas
  • Owen Ronald Misiunas
    History Education and Secondary Education
  • Nichole Marie Mitchell
  • Meghan Claire O’Brien
    Professional Writing
  • Ashley Oyer
    Social Work and Spanish
  • Eleanor Wegener
    German and International Economics & Cultural Affairs
  • Kayla Wetzig
  • Andrew Gerald Zittel
    Finance and Spanish

Alumni Members:

  • Dan P. McAdams, Ph.D.
    B.S. Valparaiso University 1976
  • Mel Piehl, Ph.D.
    B.A. Valparaiso University 1968

Members in Course initiated Friday, May 14, 2021:
  • Matthew Aberman
  • Anna Bedalov
    Creative Writing and Humanities
  • Grace Biermann
    English and Humanities
  • Sarah Bortz
    Business Analytics and Spanish
  • Noelle Canty
    English and Humanities
  • Keegan Carrasco
  • Raquel Chavez
    Political Science
  • Brennan Dettmann
  • Miranda Engholm
    French and Global Service
  • Cecelia Frankewich
    Public Health and Spanish
  • Bianca Gamez
    Political Science and French
  • Madison Henry
    English and Political Science
  • Payton Hodson
    Psychology and Spanish
  • Jonah Hunter
  • Alyssa Jarabek
    Chemistry and Biology
  • Jenna Johnston
    Environmental Science and Biology
  • Hailey Kmetty
    Global Service
  • Edward Kostelnik
    Chemistry and Biology
  • Monique LeDonne
    Biology and Chinese & Japanese Studies
  • Julia Marhenke
    International Economics & Cultural Affairs and French
  • Maria Marzullo
    International Relations
  • Sarah Messerschmidt
    German and International Economics & Cultural Affairs
  • Jacob Nadolsky
  • Stacey Province
    Global Service and Spanish
  • Yasmin Ramos
    Psychology and Spanish
  • Alyssa Rosselli
  • Michael Speckhard
  • Kaitlyn Steinhiser
    Political Science and Communication
  • Rebecca Stockham
    English and Creative Writing
  • Lily Warren
    International Business
  • Claire Weseman
  • Mirica Yancey
    Computer Science
  • Dalia Yehyawi
Alumna Member
  • Ambassador Maria Brewer
    B.A., Valparaiso University 1995
Members in Course initiated Friday, May 15, 2020:
  • Melissa Avila
    Political Science and Humanities and Spanish
  • Ellie Benz
    Psychology and French
  • Madison Bohlin
    French and International Economics & Cultural Affairs
  • Aly Brewer
    French and International Economics & Cultural Affairs and Global Service
  • Mychal Brim
  • Annika Brown
    International Relations and French
  • Quincy Bulmer
    German and Global Service
  • Julie Burton
  • Anna Corner
    French and International Economics & Cultural Affairs
  • Anna Crisman
  • Marie Dix
    Biology and Chemistry
  • Claire Ehr
    English and Humanities
  • Jennifer Feutz
    Political Science and Humanities
  • Emily Friedman
  • Lexi Gault
    Astronomy and Mathematics
  • Jesse Hershberger
    English and Political Science and Spanish
  • Megan Janickovic
    Computer Science
  • Jordyn Jeltema
    Mechanical Engineering and French
  • Gabriela Martinez
    Social Work and Theology
  • Rachael McDonough
    Psychology and Spanish
  • Katherine Mitchell
    Chinese & Japanese Studies
  • Angela Mose
  • Maxwell Shiller
    Classics and History and Humanities
  • Ella Speckhard
    Communication: Digital Media and French
  • Kylie Sterling
    Creative Writing and French
Alumna Member
  • Judge Rebecca Pallmeyer, J.D.
    B.A., Valparaiso University, 1976
Members in Course initiated Friday, May 17, 2019:

Members in Course initiated Friday, May 17, 2019:

  • Allen, Marissa
    Marketing and Spanish
  • Amelse, Arianna Paige
    English and Secondary Education
  • Bean, Christopher
    Physics and Secondary Education
  • Brandenburg, Rachel
  • Bretl, Robert David
    History and Secondary Education
  • Bundren, Taylor Jade
    Communication and History
  • Burkholder, John Robert
    Electrical Engineering and German
  • Crowe, Sarah
    International Economics & Cultural Affairs and German
  • Eveler, Sara Nicole
    German and Chemistry
  • Garcia, Damia Jacqueline
    Spanish and International Economics & Cultural Affairs
  • Germann, Katherine Jean
    Biology and Spanish
  • Henkes, Zoe Isabel
  • Jung, William
    Biology and Psychology
  • Kalafatis, Stamatina
    Mathematics and Secondary Education
  • Kapitan, Lily
    Social Work and Spanish
  • Koenig, Madelyn Leeann
  • Law, Sarah Victoria
  • Long, Zachary
    History and Communication and Humanities
  • Mattingly, Drake Alexandre
  • Nelson, Emily Christine
  • Neuman, Gabrielle Lyn
    Elementary Education
  • Noland, Elisabeth S.
    Psychology and Spanish
  • Rayner, Kelly Catelyn
    Sociology-Criminology and Psychology
  • Sukowicz, Daniel Philip
    Business Analytics and Humanities
  • Tessmann, Kyra
  • Van Oss, Hilary Grace
    Political Science and Global Service
Alumna Member
  • Lara Pudwell, Ph.D.
    BA, BS, Valparaiso University ’03
Members in Course initiated Friday, May 18, 2018:
  • Bennett, Ryan
    Geography and History
  • Bouman, Janell
  • Brown, Eric
    Spanish and Global Service
  • Cena, Kortney
    Global Service
  • Cesario, Nicholas
  • DeNardis, Jennifer
    International Relations and Spanish
  • Desmond, Danielle
    Computer Engineering and Spanish
  • Ezell, Sydney
  • Fate, Abigail
  • Gilliam, Megan
    English and Criminology
  • Graves, Valerie
  • Greiwe, Nathaniel
    German and Secondary Education
  • Guven, Eda
    History and Secondary Education
  • Hamilton, Madeline
  • Hanson, Jessica
    Chemistry and Environmental Science
  • Hoeniges, Jack
    Mechanical Engineering and French
  • Ingersoll, Tyler
    International Business and German
  • Iselin, Samuel
    Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Johanson, Deanna
    Communications and French and Humanities
  • Levi, William
    International Business and German
  • Manning, Sara
    Theology and Ministry
  • Moore, Maia
    International Economics & Cultural Affairs and Chinese & Japanese Studies
  • Patrick, Sawyer
    Computer Science and English
  • Rushing, Anna
Members in Course initiated Friday, May 19, 2017:
  • Abbott, Thomas
    Electrical Engineering and Chinese & Japanese Studies
  • Adams, Taylor A.
    Meteorology and Spanish
  • Akbik, Eman
  • Alario, Caitlyn Jo
    Classics and Humanities
  • Ali, Jibria Malika
    International Economics & Cultural Affairs and Spanish
  • Aljobeh, Leena Z.
    Chemistry and Spanish
  • Atassi, Yamen
    Philosophy and Humanities
  • Bruick, Zachary Scott
    Meteorology and Geography
  • Bruno, Maria Leigh
    Creative Writing and Humanities
  • Buller, Sylas Marble
    Biology and Chemistry
  • Dornemann, Genevieve Cecile
  • Fingerle, Timothy Karl
    History and Classics
  • Granberry, Camille
    Spanish and Communication
  • Lezark, Kathryn Elizabeth
  • Meinzen, Tobiah Martin
    Mechanical Engineering and Humanities
  • Pauline, Emily Louise
  • Peters, Alison Carole
    Biology and Spanish
  • Prahlow, Kathleen Marie
    Spanish and Secondary Education
  • Prosperi, Alexia Lauren
  • Reynolds, Brittany Quinn
    Mathematics and Secondary Education and Spanish
  • Schmidt, Samantha Ann
  • Schreiber, Kylie Renee
    Political Science and Communication
  • Smith, Eric Davis
    International Relations and International Economics & Cultural Affairs
  • Sondag, Nicholas Robert
    Mechanical Engineering and German
  • Struss, Breanna Marie
    Mathematics and Secondary Education and Spanish
  • Styck, Abigail Christine
    Chemistry and Biology
  • Van Der Aa, Lindsay Marie
  • Williams, Jacob Anthony
    International Relations and Global Studies
Members in Course initiated Friday, May 13, 2016
  • Accettura, Abigail
  • Arceneaux, Evan Michael
    English and Music
  • Balleweg, Caprice
    International Economics & Cultural Affairs
  • Bartsch, Madeline M.
    English and Secondary Education
  • Bernabei, Katherine
    History and Classics
  • Blake, Abigail Katherine
    International Economics & Cultural Affairs and Chinese & Japanese Studies
  • Boettcher, Brittany Ann
  • Bruick, Zachary Scott
    Meteorology and Geography
  • Carzoli, Kaitlyn Lea
  • Davis, Avery M. D.
    Music and Chinese &Japanese Studies
  • Duff, Kyle Alexander
    Theology & Ministry
  • Earle, Ashley
    Psychology and Sociology
  • Fadel, Shaaban Haajar
    Individualized and Psychology
  • Groth, Daniel
    Actuarial Science and Finance
  • Jones, Peter
    Meteorology and Mathematics
  • LaCroix, Cecilia
    Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Launius, Pamela
    International Economics & Cultural Affairs and French
  • Lueder, Emily Patricia Susan
    Theology & Ministry
  • Morrison, Thomas A.
    Political Science
  • Owen, Elijah Thomas
  • Pearson, Catherine
    International Economics & Cultural Affairs
  • Renner, Carine Marie
    Biology and Chemistry
  • Schmidt, Samantha Ann
  • Segin, Shannon Elizabeth
  • Soderman, Charlotte Deborah
    Political Science
  • Waldmann, Shelby
    International Economics & Cultural Affairs
  • Wiersma, Bethany Grace
    English and Spanish
  • Zaidi, Aema
    Political Science and History
  • Zigner, Katelyn
    Geography and Meteorology
Members in Course initiated Friday, May 15, 2015:
  • Anliker, Karl
  • Atassi, Nadia
    English and Humanities
  • Cobban, McKenzie
    International Economics & Cultural Affairs and French
  • Curosh, Emily
    Art History & Museum Studies and Classics
  • Decou, David John
  • Fleszewski, Sophie
    Psychology and Sociology
  • Hanlon, Patrick
    History and Classics
  • Harper-Smith, Aura Lee
    Civil Engineering and Chinese & Japanese Studies
  • Hunt, Jeneal Marie
  • Kelly, Brett
    Chemistry and Biology
  • Lindstrom, Charlotte
    Music and French
  • Mack, Jonathan
    Accounting and Chinese & Japanese Studies
  • Marinko, Lauren Renee
    International Business and German
  • McCartney, Brandon
  • Meyer, Caroline AnnLouise
  • Munkhbat, Nandin-Erdene
  • Phillips, Lucas
    History and Political Science
  • Piaskowy, Ryan
    Actuarial Science
  • Prough, Nola
    Spanish and Communication
  • Silski, Angela
    Chemistry and Spanish
  • Steinwart, Danielle Victoria
    Creative Writing
  • Turk, Edwin
    International Relations and Chinese &Japanese Studies
  • Uryga, Alexander
    Political Science and History
  • Warren, Garrett
    English anEconomics
  • Young, Allison
  • Zaplatosch, Victoria
    English and Secondary Education
  • Zeeman, Liezl
    Biology, Chemistry and Spanish
Members in Course initiated Friday, May 16, 2014:
  • Bretl, Andrea Elizabeth
  • Finke, Joseph
    Political Science and Classics
  • Griskell, Holly L.
  • Groth, Andrew Brian
    Finance and Actuarial Science
  • Hardesty, Emily Ann
    English and French
  • Hawkins, Lydia
    Theology and Psychology
  • Heffley, Christine Michelle
    Chemistry and Biology
  • Johnson, Claire Kensey
    German and International Economics & Cultural Affairs
  • Kawamleh, Suzanne
  • Keedy, Hannah Elaine
    Biology and Political Science
  • Lash, Chloe Leigh
    Biology and Chemistry
  • Loden, Kelsey Shepherd
    German and Chemistry
  • Maher, Gregory Taylor
  • Meyer, Allison R.
    Chemistry and Biology
  • Otto, Jordan Elizabeth
  • Palomaki, Emily C.
    Biology and Chemistry
  • Phillips, Justin Richard
  • Repp, James Jeffery
    International Economics & Cultural Affairs and Humanities
  • Rogers, Kaitlin Elizabeth
    Environmental Science and Biology
  • Rush, Aubri
  • Scupham, William Carl
    History and Political Science
  • Stermer, Katelyn Christine
    Chemistry and International Service
  • Stribl, Diana Marie
  • Wagenhofer, Maria Sue
  • Walden, Erika Nicole
    Electrical Engineering and German
  • Watson, Ashley Rose
    Social Work and International Relations
Members in Course initiated Friday, May 17, 2013:
  • Ailabouni, Karis
    Music and Psychology
  • Andre, Samuel Marshall
  • Brown, Rebekah
  • Buckman, Amy
    Spanish and Secondary Education
  • Cassell, Samantha Jean
    Chemistry and Mathematics
  • Conces, Madison Lorraine
  • Gerardot, Tabitha Marah
    French and Spanish
  • Hahn, Louise Kathleen
    Environmental Science and Geography
  • Hopkins, Halina Barbara
    Biology and Humanities and Environmental Science
  • Larson, Christian
  • Leong, Joshua David
    Classics and Political Science
  • Miller, Kevin Joseph
  • Mohr, Carly
    American Studies
  • Morales-Rivera, Mary Elizabeth
    English and History
  • Nelson, Emily Rose
    International Business and Spanish
  • Nickodemus, Lauren
  • Prusinski, Lauren
    Biochemistry and Chinese & Japanese Studies
  • Rahn, Rachel
    Biology and German
  • Robertson, Sarah Elaine
    Biology and Chemistry
  • Roseen, Ian
  • Rubio, Paul
  • Rush, Aubri
  • Russell, Cali
    Psychology and Environmental Science
  • Slattery, Patrick
    Mathematics and Humanities
  • Stefan, Jacob
    Chemistry and Biology and German
  • VanSwol, Jennifer Lauren
    Chemistry and Biology
  • Volz, Stephanie
    Mathematics and Political Science
  • Von Holle, Joy
  • Wiersma, Anna
    International Economics & Cultural Affairs
  • Wilken, Nicole
    Psychology and Spanish
Honorary Member initiated Friday, May 18, 2012:
  • Roy Austensen, Ph.D.
    Professor of History and Acting Dean of the College of Business Administration, Valparaiso University
Members in Course initiated Friday, May 18, 2012:
  • Baly, Kirk Andrew
    Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Blair, Nathan Daniel
    Actuarial Science
  • Builta, Cole A
  • Cross, Adam Richard
  • Derda, Nicholas Joseph
  • Dobler, Michael Ross
    Political Science and Humanities
  • Ehlen, Laura S
    Theology and English
  • Evans, Andrew Robert
    Geography and Spanish
  • Gilbert, Ashley Marie
    English and Sociology
  • Keiser, Nathanael Lincoln
  • Korshavn, Kyle James
  • Mosher, Melanie Hope
    History and German
  • Page, David
    Economics and Computer Science
  • Pearson, Stephanie Michelle
  • Prough, Owen L
    Computer Science and Mathematics
  • Reed, Jeremy
    English and Spanish and Humanities
  • Rogers, Kari M
    Political Science and History and Humanities
  • Schaefer, Krista Rowberg
  • Will, Amber Rae
  • Zager, Lauren Margaret
    Chemistry and Biology and Humanities
Members in Course initiated Friday, May 13, 2011:
  • Borchers, Kathleen Fae
    International Service Prograr and French
  • Carlson, Erin Noelle
  • Eyer, Allison Irene
    Spanish and Secondary Education
  • Furman, Christine Elise
    Theology and Youth, Family, and Education Ministry
  • German, Emily Ruth
    German and Music
  • Graves, Michael Kienle
  • Gumbiner, Krysta Laue
    Political Science and Humanities
  • Havlisch, Brian Gene
    Computer Science
  • Jerry, Heather Caitlin
    Actuarial Science and Mathematics
  • Johnson, Ariel Rhianne
    Psychology and Humanities
  • Kelly, McKenzie Lynn
    Biology and Psychology
  • Lawrence, Ashley Marie
    Psychology and Humanities
  • Lee, Thomas Michael
    Independent and Spanish
  • Milhans, William Buescher
    Computer Science and Creative Writing
  • Nelson, Lauren Theresa
  • Newport, Emily Jean
    International Economics & Cultural Affairs and Spanish and Theatre
  • Orner, Ellen Adria
  • Ramsel, Janelle Lynn
  • Rogers, Kari M
    Spanish and International Service Program
  • Simons, Elizabeth Ann
    English and Humanities
  • Von Qualen, Emily Agnes
    Sociology and Environmental Studies
  • Zastrow, Mary Elizabeth
    American Studies
Members in Course initiated Friday, May 14, 2010:
  • Cook, Matthew William
    Lafayette, Indiana; Psychology and Classics and Humanities
  • Davis, Emerald Jubilee
    Fort Wayne, Indiana; English and Classics
  • Gutierrez, Eric Armando
    Hammond, Indiana; Philosophy and Economics
  • Hartmann, Brett Michael
    Saint Louis, Missouri; Theology
  • Howard, Kelsey Leigh
    North Vernon, Indiana; Political Science and Humanities
  • Hughes, Gerald Timothy
    Lowell, Indiana; Psychology
  • Jani, Edra
    Valparaiso, Indiana; Chemistry and Biology
  • Jones, Emily Megan
    Terre Haute, Indiana; Classics and English
  • Koenig, Heather M
    Saint Charles, Missouri; Actuarial Science and Economics
  • Krause, Jaclyn Anne
    Rochester, Michigan; Nursing and Spanish
  • Lamboley, Megan Elizabeth
    Fort Wayne, Indiana; History and Spanish
  • Lange, Abigail Joy
    Champaign, Illinois; Public Relations and Art History and Humanities
  • Liakopoulos, Amy Jo
    Valparaiso, Indianan; Spanish and History
  • Linstrom, John R
    South Haven, Michigan; English and Humanities
  • McCurry, Colleen Lynn
    Park Ridge, Illinois; Biology and Chemistry
  • Robertson, Kayla Elizabeth
    Omaha, Nebraska; English
  • Roshanmanesh, Jacob James
    Rolling Prairie, Indiana; Biology and Chemistry
  • Roy, Gavin Russell
    Medina, Ohio; Meteorology
  • Schmidt, Kathryn Leigh Ann
    Fort Wayne, Indiana; Art and Humanities
  • Shew, Kristy Marie
    Terre Haute, Indiana; Political Science and Theology
  • Shull, Adam M
    Macomb, Michigan; Mathematics and Computer Science
  • Spera, Kristyn Michelle
    Bluffton, Indiana; Biology
  • Stohs, Christopher George
    Shawnee Mission, Kansas; History and German
  • Storer, Angela Rae
    Sylvania, Ohio; Mathematics
  • Strasburg, James Donald
    Ann Arbor, Michigan; History and Theology
  • Van Acker, Claire Elizabeth
    Saint Charles, Illinois; Spanish
  • Wagoner, Brittany Ray
    Adrian, Michigan; Mathematics
  • Warmoth, Krystal Mae
    Martinsville, Indiana; Psychology
Members in Course initiated Friday, May 15, 2009:
  • Coyne, Elizabeth Anne
    Naperville, Illinois; Political Science and International Service
  • Deek, Sylvia A.
    Valparaiso, Indiana; Biology
  • Dering, Trevor Matthew
    Rochester Hills, Michigan; Economics and German
  • Dimmick, John William
    Indianapolis, Indiana; History and Art
  • Eaton, Jonathan David
    Sequim, Washington; History and Humanities
  • Finger, Jonathan Arthur Edward
    Algonquin, Illinois; Biology
  • Finke, Benjamin Marshall
    Hope, Indiana; German
  • Funk, Ashley Lynn
    Wauseon, Ohio; Psychology
  • Hallman, Briana Elyse
    Rockford, Illinois; Biology
  • Hillmer, Olivia Ruth Werberig
    Tampa, Florida; Classics and Humanities
  • Johnson, Jenna Kate
    Valparaiso, Indiana; English and Theatre and Chinese & Japanese Studies
  • Keane, Bonnie LuAnn
    Tinley Park, Illinois; American Studies and Spanish
  • Korshavn, Evan Neal
    Green Bay, Wisconsin; Political Science and Humanities
  • Logan, Angela Marie
    Valparaiso, Indiana; Psychology
  • McClelland, Brianna Raye
    Crandall, Indiana; English and Secondary Education
  • Moberg Foster, Ruth Anne
    Worcester, Massachusetts; History
  • Ocepek, Anthony Louis
    Norton, Ohio; International Economics & Cultural Affairs and French
  • Radakovich, Elyse Ann
    Portage, Indiana; Chinese & Japanese Studies and English
  • Renken, Catherine C.
    Fort Wayne, Indiana; Psychology
  • Reusz, Jennifer Michelle
    Downers Grove, Illinois; Mathematics and Secondary Education
  • Russell, Lindsay Nicole
    Oakland Township, Michigan; Economics
  • Schram, Fiona Grace
    Savage, Maryland; Theatre and Psychology
  • Schunter, Christopher Eric
    Flushing, Michigan; History and German
  • Segally, Ryan James
    Valparaiso, Indiana; Economics and English
  • Steinken, Rachel Ann
    Indianapolis, Indiana; Biochemistry
  • Taylor, Elspeth Ann
    Buena Park, California; English
  • Woods, Stacey Marie
    Berwyn, Illinois; Actuarial Science and Economics
Alumnus Member initiated Friday, May 16, 2008:
  • Mark R. Schwehn, Ph.D.
    Professor of Humanities, Christ College, Valparaiso University
Honorary Member initiated Friday, May 16, 2008:
  • Alan F. Harre, Ph.D.
    President of the University, Valparaiso University
Members in Course initiated Friday, May 16, 2008:
  • Batteiger, Emily Catherine
    Bargersville, Indiana; Psychology
  • Bellman, Myranda Jo
    Valparaiso, Indiana; Psychology
  • Brinkley, Johanna Ruth
    Ossian, Indiana; English and Humanities
  • Camp, Kiersten Alyse
    Glen Ellyn, Illinois; Theology and Humanities
  • Christodoulakis, Anna K.
    Valparaiso, Indiana; Political Science
  • Clemens, Kevin Anthony
    Carol Stream, Illinois; Philosophy and Classics and Humanities
  • Ford, Bonne Jane
    Mountain Lakes, New Jersey; Meteorology
  • Freytag, Jillian Claire
    West Bloomfield, Michigan; German and Secondary Education
  • Gibbard, Amber Lynne
    McHenry, Illinois; History and Secondary Education
  • Groth, Laura Michelle
    Valparaiso, Indiana; Communication – Communication Law and Humanities
  • Hamilton, Kimberly Michelle
    Plainfield, Indiana; Biology
  • Haugen, Kimberly Diane
    Cincinnati, Ohio; Theology and Mathematics
  • Jennings, Tezra Elizabeth Lake
    Dexter, Michigan; Psychology and Spanish
  • Keller, Blain Michael
    Muncie, Indiana; Chinese & Japanese Studies and International Economics & Cultural Affairs
  • Kerr, Caitlin Suzanne
    Crown Point, Indiana; English and German
  • Malova, Petra
    Slovakia; Chemistry
  • Moore, Melissa Dawn
    Richmond, Indiana; Sociology: Criminology and Political Science
  • Pampel, Robert John
    Matteson, Illinois; English and Humanities
  • Peters, Emily Marie
    Merrillville, Indiana; Biology and French
  • Romero, Nathanael Paul
    Clinton, Michigan; Philosophy
  • Ruhde, Therese Elizabeth
    New Glarus, Wisconsin; Spanish
  • Spangler, Amanda Beth Johnson
    Scottsboro, Alabama; German
  • Strietelmeier, Paul Adrian
    Hobart, Indiana; History
  • Tappendorf, Tyler Ryan
    Shiloh, Illinois; Actuarial Science
  • Van Dyke, Susan Marie
    Downers Grove, Illinois; International Economics & Cultural Affairs and Political Science
  • Veltema, Kelly Nicole
    East Lansing, Michigan; German
  • Westerman, Erin Marie
    Naperville, Illinois; Classics and Psychology and Theology
  • Winebar, Brittany Kay
    Noblesville, Indiana; Psychology
  • Yarger, Rachel Diane
    Tinley Park, Illinois; Spanish and International Service Program
  • Zappia, Andrea Lynn
    Indianapolis, Indiana; History
Members in Course initiated Friday, May 18, 2007:
  • A’Hearn, Elizabeth Anne
    Normal, Illinois; Political Science and International Service
  • Aho, Karl Michael F
    Baraga, Michigan; Philosophy and Humanities
  • Albertin, Meredith Marie
    Zionsville, Indiana; History and Classics
  • Allegar, John
    Kansas City, Missouri; Music
  • Benczik, Sarah Anne
    Plymouth, Indiana; Individualized and Public Relations and Humanities
  • Benjamin, Katie Marie
    Valparaiso, Indiana; Theology and English
  • Dickmeyer, Laurie Jean
    Ft. Wayne, Indiana; German and Geography
  • Dost, Jeremiah Helmut
    St. Louis, Missouri; History
  • Evangelist, Kate Elizabeth
    Glen Ellyn, Illinois; Chemistry and Individualized
  • Fay, Kory Joseph
    Indianapolis, Indiana; Theology
  • Forness, Philip Michael
    Brookfield, Wisconsin; Classics and Theology
  • Gumz, Sarah Elizabeth
    Bremen, Indiana; Chemistry and Spanish and Humanities
  • Hallemeier, Jonathan Phillip Kouhi
    Viroqua, Wisconsin; Philosophy and Classics
  • Hanson, Elizabeth Hanna
    Wheaton, Illinois; English and Art and Humanities
  • Hopkins, Theodore Jackson
    Jefferson City, Missouri; Physics
  • Jajtner, Katie Maureen
    Port Washington, Wisconsin; International Economics & Cultural Affairs and Spanish
  • Jarratt, Daniel Charles
    Grafton, Wisconsin; Communication — Television-Radio and Humanities
  • Jesperson, Megan Noel
    Bismarck, North Dakota; English
  • Letkewicz, Casey Elizabeth
    Naperville, Illinois; Meteorology
  • Matul, Eric Ryan
    Orland Park, Illinois; American Studies and Spanish
  • Meyer, Jonathan David
    Carrollton, Texas; Biology and Chemistry
  • Miller, Kathryn Elizabeth
    High Ridge, Missouri; Psychology and Spanish
  • Mohlman, Sarah Rae
    Hastings, Nebraska; Biology
  • Monson, Tracy Lynn
    Bloomington, Illinois; English
  • Myers, Carrie Ann
    Duffield, Virginia; Art and French
  • Jennifer Lynn Plaskota
    Naperville, Illinois; English and Spanish and Humanities
  • Steffen, Deborah Lynn
    Springfield, Illinois; Biochemistry and Mathematics
  • Throw, Jenna Kathleen
    Crown Point, Indiana; Criminology and Chinese & Japanese Studies
  • Wanless, Ashley Kathleen
    Springfield, Illinois; Biology and Spanish
  • Zeichman, Christopher Brian
    Clinton, Michigan; Theology and Classics
Alumnus Member initiated Friday, May 19, 2006:
  • Albert Raymond Trost, Jr.
    Dean, College of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Political Science, Valparaiso University
Members in Course initiated Friday, May 19, 2006:
  • Anderson, Janet Lynn
    Beaver Dam, Wisconsin; International Economics & Cultural Affairs and Spanish
  • Arndt, Erin Nicole
    Fort Atkinson, Wisconsin; Chemistry
  • Augustine, Matthew Ray
    Muskego, Wisconsin; Chemistry and Biology
  • Brock, Peter James
    Columbus, Indiana; Classics and Theology
  • Brondos, Elizabeth Ruth
    Mexico; Mathematics and French
  • Campbell, Pauline Angela
    Fort Wayne, Indiana; Chemistry and Political Science
  • Carnahan, Tamara Lauren
    Chesterton, Indiana; Political Science
  • Conces, Miriam Renee
    Zionsville, Indiana; Biochemistry
  • Denman, Holly Sue
    Arlington Heights, Illinois; English
  • DiSilvestro, Alexis Joanna
    New Castle, Pennsylvania; Chemistry and Spanish
  • Haugen, Bradley Glen
    Cincinnati, Ohio; Theology
  • Heller, Shana Joy
    Brookfield, Wisconsin; French and Theology and Secondary Education (December, 2005 graduate)
  • Hommel, Dana Renee
    Midland, Michigan; Spanish and Chemistry
  • Huang, Kristin M
    Elkhart, Indiana; French and Spanish
  • Huggins, Helen Marie
    Truckee, California; International Economics & Cultural Affairs and German
  • Humeniak, Richard Joshua
    Marengo, Illinois; Chemistry and German
  • Jagodinski, Elizabeth Bernette
    Wausau, Wisconsin; Chemistry and Biology
  • Michael, King, Adam 
    Decatur, Illinois; Political Science
  • Mata, Andrea Deanna
    Chicago, Illinois; Psychology
  • McAllister, Ellie Iona
    Hammond, Wisconsin; Theology (December, 2005 graduate)
  • Mikos, Elisabeth Lochner
    Dundee, Illinois; History
  • Peters, Katherine Patricia
    Sioux Falls, South Dakota; International Service and Spanish
  • Proksch, Nicholas Donald
    Muskego, Wisconsin; German
  • Schindler, Neil Stephen
    Lakeville, Minnesota; Meteorology and French
  • Scott, Lindsay Allison
    Clarence, New York; Classics
  • Siepman, Kathleen Marie
    Saint Louis, Missouri; Communication — Public Relations and Psychology
  • Stark, Amy Lynn
    Saint John, Indiana; Biology and Political Science
  • Swanson, Douglas Dirk
    Oak Park, Illinois; Humanities and Mathematics
  • Unrath, John Thomas
    Melbourne, Florida; Psychology and Theology
  • Wilco, Steven Tousley
    Manassas, Virginia; Classics
  • Willis, Paul Stanley
    Gresham, Oregon; Biology
Members in Course initiated Friday, May 13, 2005:
  • Arnold, Julie Marie
    Worth, Illinois; English
  • Bangert, Andrew Joel
    Muskego, Wisconsin; Theology and Classics
  • Biebighauser, Jeffrey David
    Farmington, Minnesota; Classics and Humanities
  • Campbell, William Allan
    Hedrick, Iowa; English
  • Corliss, Ross Cameron
    Andover, Massachusetts; Physics and Mathematics
  • Davidson, Kristen Marie
    Fargo, North Dakota; Psychology
  • Ewing, Charles Raymond
    Albuquerque, New Mexico; German and History
  • Franke, Grant Richard
    Rockford, Illinois; International Service
  • Gangler, Marie Ann
    Villa Park, Illinois; German and International Economics & Cultural Affairs
  • Goetsch, Eleanor Ruth
    Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Biology and Chemistry
  • Goffron, Paul Anthony
    Crystal Lake, Illinois; Psychology
  • Haanen, Jeffrey James
    Plymouth, Minnesota; International Economics & Cultural Affairs and Spanish
  • Hammond, Tracy Rene
    Fort Wayne, Indiana; English and Biology
  • Hanson, Dane Burnell
    Stilwell, Kansas; Political Science and Mathematics
  • Hunt, Sophia Betsworth
    Saint Paul, Minnesota; American Studies
  • Kirsch, Jonathan Leighton
    Wilmette, Illinois; Political Science and History
  • Klee, Steven Robert
    New Lenox, Illinois; Mathematics
  • Knipstein, Hillary Lynn
    Fortville, Indiana; Psychology
  • Liptak, Rachel Lee
    Temecula, California; English
  • Madden, Kathleen Marie
    Arlington Heights, Illinois; History and Spanish
  • Norberg, Josie Lillian
    Batavia, Illinois; Biology and Spanish
  • Parrish, Kelly Rachelle
    Coal Valley, Illinois; Political Science
  • Pruim, Michelle Lynn
    Westchester, Illinois; Psychology
  • Soli, Rachel Johanna
    Saint Petersburg, Florida; Psychology and German
  • Stevenson, James Ewing
    Eagle, Colorado; Chinese & Japanese Studies
  • Svilar, Kyle Michael
    Valparaiso, Indiana; Political Science
Members in Course initiated Friday, May 14, 2004:
  • Busse, Jessica Lynn
    Whitewater, Wisconsin; Meteorology
  • Cimbaljevich, Dennis Mark
    Portage, Indiana; International Economics & Cultural Affairs
  • Foland, Michael Joshua
    Lafayette, Indiana; Philosophy and English
  • Hakos, William Daniel
    River Falls, Wisconsin; Mathematics and Humanities
  • Heitland, Alison Grace
    Prairie Village, Kansas; English and Classics
  • Kern, Michael Wallace
    Chesterfield, Missouri; Theology
  • Khouli, Michael Milad
    Fort Wayne, Indiana; Spanish
  • Landmeier, Mark William
    St. Charles, Illinois; Chemistry and Spanish
  • Linert, Brian Shaun
    Valparaiso, Indiana; Chemistry and Biology
  • Lo Bue, Erin Elizabeth
    Mundelein, Illinois; Classics and Mathematics
  • Miller, Nina Lynne
    Knox, Indiana; Mathematics
  • Nettenstrom, Lauren Michelle
    Hartland, Wisconsin; Biology and Chemistry and Spanish
  • Obertin, Andrea Sue
    New London, Wisconsin; History and American Studies
  • Olson, Kathryn Erin
    Manitowoc, Wisconsin; English
  • Pretz-Anderson, Marikka Lynn
    Strongsville, Ohio; Spanish and Sociology
  • Reid, Dana Marie
    Westlake, Ohio; Economics and French
  • Schlobohm, Sarah Beth
    Portage, Indiana; Physics and French
  • Scott, Kelle Lyn
    Clarence, New York; French, International Economics & Cultural Affairs
  • Warnier, Jessica Ann
    Greenfield, Wisconsin; Computer Science and French
  • Weber, Christopher Edward
    Waukesha, Wisconsin; Chemistry and Biology
  • Yep, Henry Wing
    Angola, Indiana; Political Science and Chinese & Japanese Studies