Awards Won

Valpo Sorority History

Alpha Phi Delta Sorority

October 25, 1917
“Stronger, truer, more lasting bonds of friendship”
Flower: Sunburst rose
Colors: Alpha rose and grey
Alpha Phi Delta transitioned to Delta Delta Delta in 1998 and then established a relationship with Alpha Gamma Delta in 2022.

Gamma Phi Sorority

August 5, 1918
“To build the present moment to perfection; to recall the past with pride”
Flower: Gardenia
Colors: Purple and white
Gamma Phi transitioned to Gamma Phi Beta in 1998.

Sigma Theta Sorority

March 29, 1919
“Seek sincerity, truth, and honor”
Flower: Cornflower
Colors: Blue and gold
Sigma Theta transitioned to Chi Sigma Xi in 1962. Chi Sigma Xi then transitioned to Chi Omega in 1998.

Alpha Xi Epsilon Sorority

April 1919
“Friendship is born of loyalty”
Flower: Pink camellia/red tea rose
Color: Red and white
Alpha Xi Epsilon transitioned to Pi Beta Phi in 1998.

Delta Chi Epsilon Sorority

October 14, 1944
“To foster the welfare of Valparaiso University to promote a Christian spirit among young people, to live according to the high ideals of friendship, and to increase in knowledge and in service to society”
Flower: Yellow rose
Colors: Yellow and grey
Delta Chi Epsilon transitioned to Phi Omega in 1965. Phi Omega then transitioned back to Delta Chi Epsilon in 1992 and then to Alpha Delta Pi in 1998.

Kappa Tau Zeta Sorority

November 22, 1948
Flower: Daisy
Color: Navy blue and white
Kappa Tau Zeta transitioned to Delta Phi Kappa in 1986. Delta Phi Kappa then transitioned to Alpha Sigma Tau in 1998, but never chartered at the University.

Phi Beta Chi Sorority

September 30, 1956
“Faith, hope, and love abide these three; but the greatest of these is love”
Flower: White carnation tinted green
Colors: Green and white
Phi Beta Chi transitioned to Kappa Kappa Gamma in 1998.

Kappa Psi Omega Sorority

Spring 1961
“United with a friendly smile in the true spirit of Christian love”
Flower: White pompon mum
Color: Aqua and white
Kappa Psi Omega transitioned to Kappa Delta in 1998.

Chi Sigma Xi Sorority

Spring 1962
“Seek sincerity, truth and honor”
Flower: Red rose
Color: Blue and yellow
Chi Sigma Xi was born out of Sigma Theta Sorority. Chi Sigma Xi then transitioned to Chi Omega in 1998.

Phi Omega Sorority

March 15, 1965
“Semper Priorsum,” meaning “always progressing”
Phi Omega returned to be Delta Chi Epsilon in 1992, then transitioned to Alpha Delta Pi in 1998

Delta Phi Kappa Sorority

March 22, 1986
“Love in unity, honor in individuality”
Flower: Pink carnation
Color: Navy blue and pink
Delta Phi Kappa was born out of Kappa Tau Zeta. Delta Phi Kappa transitioned to Alpha Sigma Tau in 1998, but never became a chartered chapter.

Chi Omega Fraternity

April 5, 1895
Alpha Lambda Chapter of Chi Omega, March 28, 1998
“Hellenic culture & Christian ideals”
Colors: Cardinal and straw
Flower: White carnation
Symbol: Skull and crossbones

Gamma Phi Beta Sorority

November 11, 1874
Zeta Iota Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta, April 18, 1998
“To inspire the highest type of womanhood”
Colors: Brown and mode
Flower: Pink carnation
Symbol: Crescent moon

Kappa Delta Sorority

October 23, 1897
Zeta Psi Chapter of Kappa Delta, April 18, 1998
“Let us strive for that which is honorable, beautiful, and highest”
Colors: Olive green and pearl white
Flower: White rose
Symbol: Nautilus shell, dagger and diamond shape

Kappa Kappa Gamma

October 13, 1870
Eta Delta Chapter of Kappa Kappa Gamma, April 18, 1998
“Aspire to Be”
Colors: Light and dark blue
Flower: Fleur-de-Lis
Symbol: Key

Alpha Delta Pi Sorority

May 15, 1851
Eta Psi Chapter of Alpha Delta Pi, May 2, 1998
“We live for each other“
Colors: Azure and white
Flower: Woodland violet
Symbol: Diamond

Delta Delta Delta Fraternity

November 27, 1888
Gamma Upsilon Chapter of Delta Delta Delta, May 2, 1998
“Let us steadfastly love one another”
Colors: Silver, gold, and blue
Flower: Pansy
Symbol: Dolphin

Pi Beta Phi Fraternity

April 28, 1867
Indiana Theta Chapter of Pi Beta Phi, October 31, 1998
“Friends and Leaders for Life”
Colors: Wine and silver blue
Flower: Wine carnation
Symbol: Arrow

Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority, Inc.

April 20, 1994
Sigma Chapter of Delta Xi Phi Multicultural Sorority, Inc., May 6, 2007
“What is possible has been done; what is impossible must be done”
Colors: Navy blue and maroon
Flower: Yellow rose of Texas

Sigma Lambda Gamma National Sorority, Inc.

April 9, 1990
Delta Zeta Chapter of Sigma Lambda Gamma, January 23, 2017
“Culture is Pride; Pride is Success” (“Cultura es Orgullo; Orgullo es Exito”)
Colors: Shocking pink and majestic purple
Flower: Pink rose
Symbol: Purple panther

Alpha Gamma Delta Fraternity

May 30, 1904
New chapter establishment in Fall 2019
“Loving. Leading. Lasting.”
Colors: Red, buff and green
Flower: Red and buff roses, and green asparagus plusmosa ferns