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What Can I Do With A Theology Major?

The question is really, “What can’t you do?”

Of course, many theology majors go on to serve in churches as pastors, deaconesses, deacons, ministers of music or youth and family, and directors of Christian education — or any one of many other full-time vocations.

But, if anything, the older and deeper heritage of Valpo’s theology graduates is to take advantage of the wonderful preparation that the major provides in critical and creative analysis and in the formulation and presentation of ideas to work in professions from physician to lawyer to public servant (and lots more) and then to serve in addition as leaders in congregations and other faith communities.

Theology is a rigorous academic discipline that never allows its practitioners to forget their humanity under God and that leads them into a conversation about God and humanity that is carried on across centuries.

What can I do with a Theology major?”

You can find the place where (to quote theologian Frederick Buechner) “your deep gladness meets the world’s deep need” and then head there.