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Active Teaching Faculty


Ossama Abdelgawwad Assistant Professor of Theology


Matthew Becker Professor of Theology

Amanda Brobst-Renaud

Amanda Brobst-Renaud Assistant Professor of Theology

Lisa Driver Professor of Theology Department Chair

Shodhin Geiman Associate Professor of Philosophy


George Pati Surjit S. Patheja Chair in World Religions and Ethics and Professor of South Asian Religions and Cultures

Aaron Preston Associate Professor of Philosophy

University Chairs


Nicholas Denysenko PH.D. , Emil & Elfriedd Jochum Chair In Theology

Susan Holman PH.D., John R. Eckrich Chair and Professor of Religion and the Healing Arts

Visiting Assistant Professors


Richard Klee Visiting Assistant Professor of Theology

Marty Tomszak Visiting Assistant Professor of Theology

Associated Faculty

Gregory Jones

Gregory Jones Lecturer

Kevin Gary Professor of Education

Rachel MacDonald Institute for Leadership and Service Program Coordinator

Senior Research Faculty

Richard E. DeMaris profil

Richard E. DeMaris Senior Research Professor

George Heider profil

George C. Heider Senior Research Professor


Gilbert Meilaender Senior Research Professor of Theology


James Moore Senior Research Professor of Theology

Fred Niedner

Fredrick Niedner Senior Research Professor of Theology