Theology and Ministry Major

This bachelor-level major is designed for students seeking to serve in Lutheran or other Christian congregations as staff members with responsibility to children, youth, families, and persons of all ages.

The major provides a broad range of foundational courses in theology as well as practical learning experiences. Building on the university’s program of general education and the resources of the theology department, students, in consultation with their academic advisor in the department, are able to customize a course of study. This major may also be used as a second major for students with other professional or career goals, but who wish an education that will enable them to serve in leadership positions within a local congregation or other organization on either a part-time or volunteer basis.

Students completing the theology and ministry major are also encouraged to participate in THEO 399: Church Vocations Symposium and other para-curricular activities arranged by the Center for Church Vocations.


B.A. students in theology and ministry at Valpo must complete the general-education requirements for the B.A. This University-wide core strengthens communication and critical thinking skills while introducing global cultures and traditions. Note that six of these credits also fulfill theology and ministry major requirements, (e.g. THEO 200 and a 300-level THEO course)


Core Foundations – 22 credits
One course from the following options:
  • THEO 200 The Christian Tradition
  • CC 215 The Christian Tradition (for Christ College students)
3 credits
Biblical Studies
  • One course chosen from THEO 310 – THEO 319
3 credits
Foundations of Christianity
  • One course chosen from THEO 320 – THEO 329
3 credits
Theology and Ethics
  • One chosen from THEO 330 – THEO 349
3 credits
Religions of the World
  • One course chosen from THEO 360 – THEO 369
3 credits
Research and Writing in the Discipline
  • THEO 393 Theories and Methods in Theological and Religious Studies (3 Cr.)
  • THEO 492 Research and Writing in Theology (1 Cr.)
4 credits
  • THEO 493 Theology Seminar
3 credits
Ministry Courses – 6 credits
Pre-Professional Study At least six credits from the following options:
  • THEO 451 Theology of Diaconal Ministry
  • THEO 453 Clinical Education for Ministry
  • THEO 480 Practicum in Ministry
  • THEO 481 Basic Homily Preparation (may be repeated once for additional credit)
6 credits
Electives in Complementary Disciplines – 15 credits
15 credits from the following options:
  • ART 132 Introduction to Design and Digital Media
  • ART 230 Graphic Design I
  • COMM 230 Graphic Design I
  • COMM 243 Public Communication
  • COMM 244 Persuasion and Advocacy
  • COMM 345 Leadership Communication
  • COMM 366 Negotiation and Conflict Resolution
  • ED 206 School and Society
  • ED 30414 Educational Psychology
  • ENGL 431 Advanced Writing and Rhetoric
  • PSJ 201 Principles of Peace and Social Justice
  • PHIL 115 Experience and Existence
  • PHIL 125 The Good Life
  • PSY 225 Social Psychology
  • PSY 250 Principles and Applications of Learning
  • PSY 332 Psychology of Adulthood and Aging
  • PSY 350 Human Cognition
  • PSY 445 Community and Health Psychology
  • PSY 461 Introduction to Counseling
    Note: PSY 110 is a prerequisite for all psychology courses, but may not be counted among courses for this major.
  • SOCW 151 Introduction to the Profession of Social Work
  • SOCW 210 Social Welfare Policy: History and Programs
  • SOCW 220 Human Behavior and Social Environment
  • SOCW 240 Communication and Counseling Skills
  • SOCW 260 Diverse Populations: Human Rights & Justice
  • SOCW 410 Social Welfare Policy: Analysis and Advocacy
  • SOC 220 The Family 3 Cr. SOC 245 Social Psychology
  • SOC 270 Juvenile Delinquency
  • SOC 275 Systems of Social Stratification
  • SOC 325 Urban Sociology
  • SOC 340 Gender
    Note: SOC 110 is a prerequisite for all 300-level sociology courses, but may not be counted among courses for this major.
  • SPAN 308 Spanish for Service Professionals
    Note: SPAN 220, SPAN 230, or SPAN 231 is a prerequisite for SPAN 308, but may not be counted among courses for this major.
3 credits each
TOTAL 43 credits