University Programming Council

Executive Team Members


Larrissa Chavarria President Pronouns: she/her
Hometown: Valparaiso, IN
Fun Fact: She has met Joe Exotic!


Ashley Vernon Vice President Pronouns: she/her
Hometown: LaCrosse, IN
Fun Fact: She has watched the film Mamma Mia! 13 times


Ahnnabella Kolacki Concert & Entertainment Chair Hometown: Lemont, IL
Fun Fact: I cannot tell my left from my right, and I love VINEs


Natalie Kasberger Campus Traditions Chair Hometown: Sheboygan, WI
Fun Fact: My nickname on my swim team was duckie because I. LOVE. DUCKS


Molly Mueller Special Events Chair Hometown: Hobart, IN
Fun Fact: I’m a plant mom, I love musical theater, and I enjoy cross-stitching in my spare time.


Ben Ganswindt Late Night Chair Hometown: Waukesha, WI
Fun Fact: Traveling to 8 countries and studying abroad in Cambridge England was some of my favorite moments in college!


Khalil Porter Social Justice & Civic Engagement Chair Hometown: Merrilville, IN


Storm Fleming Trips Chair Hometown: Griffith, IN
Fun Fact: I’m a leap day baby, 4.75 years of age, and get into the zoo for free with proper identification!


Justin McClain Community Outreach Chair Hometown: Manteno, IL
Fun Fact: I’m a lefty but play most sports righty


Ellie Benz Public Relations Chair Hometown: Chicago, IL
Fun Fact: I studied abroad in France!


Shreedhar Pandey Graphic Design Chair Hometown: Kathmandu, Nepal
Fun Fact: I can solve Rubik’s Cube one-handed in below 30 sec

Kyle Langreck

Kyle Langreck Sound & Event Productions Chair Hometown: Cedarburg, WI
Fun Fact: I love to hit the slopes with a snowboard!


Jack Meyer Assistant Productions Manager Hometown: Lincolnshire, IL
Fun Fact: I love Kendamas