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We want you to join UPC!

So you want to help make the fun happen? Great – we have tons of ways for someone to join the UPC team! Take a look below to see the three different ways you can join UPC. There is no previous experience required, if you are new to UPC or event planning we recommend you take a look at our committee and event assistant roles!

Thinking about joining UPC? Not sure what kind of time commitment that would be? We have the perfect position for you – be an Event Assistant! As an Event Assistant you will have the opportunity to help run events, come up with new ideas, market events, and run other aspects of UPC. We will work with you to make sure we are customizing your experience to what you want to get out of it! Additionally, the UPC Leadership Team will send out specific roles that need to be filled (i.e. Office Coordinator, Trips Coordinator, Films Coordinator, etc.) and you can have opportunities to take that on.

Executive Board Positions:

Applications for the E-board are OPEN! APPLY HERE. Stay tuned for when the application opens! We would love for you to join our team!

Responsible for providing oversight and direction to the council. Works closely with each executive board position to ensure that chairpersons are fulfilling their roles. This position works to ensure UPC is fulfilling its mission, vision, and yearly goals. The president will develop and implement a member development plan for the year for both the executive board and general members. This position is responsible for the overall financial management of the organization, relationship with Student Senate & University administration, and the completion of all necessary paperwork.

Each committee will have a Vice President who organizes biweekly meetings and ensures all functions of their committee are executed. Responsible for the recruitment, retention, and member experience of for their assigned committee. This includes tracking recruitment and retention efforts throughout the year, providing team bonding opportunities, and presentation of information about UPC at university events. These positions will work closely with all committee members to ensure that chair positions are filled. The Vice Presidents will work closely with the President and Advisor to provide leadership and membership development.

The Entertainment Committee is responsible for all movies, comedians, variety acts, and musical performers, including Valpo Vibes. The Concert & Entertainment Chair will work to ensure that UPC is bringing a wide-variety of performers to campus. This includes variety of genres, diversity of performers, and balances upcoming and traditional performers. This position will work closely with contracts and agents to ensure event success and will work closely with the Marketing Team. Must be highly motivated, professional, and detail oriented. This position will also be required to attend the National Association for Campus Activities Regional Conference in November to schedule UPComing acts on campus.

The Campus Traditions Committee is responsible for the traditional events on campus such as Welcome Week, Homecoming Week, WinterFest, Finals Fest(Spring Week), Family Weekend, Breakfast After Dark (2 times a year), and Songfest. This position will be required to sit on the Homecoming steering committee and to work with other departments/student organizations as chair of a Homecoming sub-committee. This position will also oversee a Spirit & Athletics Coordinator with the goal of increasing school spirit. Must be highly motivated, creative, an effective delegator, and detail oriented.

The Late Night Chair is responsible for the Valpo After Dark series, and other late night programs. Their primary goal is to ensure that there are late night and weekend programs happening on-campus. These positions will work to provide events that are fun, entertaining, and engaging to the student body. This person will work with contracts and agencies, primarily for attractions. This position will work closely with the Concert & Entertainment and Special Events Chair. Must be highly motivated, pay great attention to details, be able to delegate, and problem solve quickly and creatively.

The Special Events Chair is responsible for the Game Show series (Bingo, Trivia, Family Feud, etc), and any other monthly special event. This position has the opportunity to invent and create new programs and events for the campus community. Must be highly motivated, pay great attention to details, be able to delegate, and problem solve quickly and creatively.

The Social Justice & Civic Engagement Chair is responsible for planning events that bring awareness to social causes and are civically minded. This position will be responsible for conducting awareness campaigns, partnering with other campus organizations, and developing new events.

The Trips Chair is responsible for all off-campus events! This includes everything from going to the Railcats Baseball game to a Broadway performance in Chicago! This position will work with the Late Night Chair to provide transportation to any movies off-campus.

The Community Outreach Chair is responsible for managing the overall image of UPC through creative promotion, partnership, and programming. It is the responsibility of the Community Outreach Chair to ensure that all events are inclusive to the VU community. This position works closely with the Marketing Team to executive creative marketing tools through; outreach with other organizations and departments on campus and promotion of events through unique incentives (i.e. giveaways). The Community Outreach Chair is expected to coordinate with the Marketing Team to determine how to best publicize events, emphasizing the importance of interaction with the student body. It is important for the Community Outreach Chair to establish partnerships with both on-campus organizations and off-campus businesses.

The Productions Manager is responsible for the sound, lighting and tech needs of UPC events. Additionally, be in charge of the management/rental of all UPC equipment. This position is required to set-up and take down sound for events, research additional equipment that would be beneficial to UPC, and manage the check out and return of all UPC equipment. This position will also lead the Productions Team (committee) which includes recruiting, training, and running productions at events. Should have experience with sound equipment and lighting and pay close attention to detail.

The Graphic Design chair is responsible for the graphic design and promotional responsibilities of ALL UPC events and programming. The two people occupying this team will need to work together to split the responsibilities. There is an expectation that the two people filling this role have at least minimal experience with designing posters, flyers, and shirt designs. Must be highly motivated, creative, and have an ability to pay attention to detail.