brand touchpointsWelcome to a comprehensive look at Valparaiso University’s brand identity — how we reflect and share our core values, in a consistent manner, through visual representation, in printed material and online, and in countless other ways.

Following a year of research and design strategy, the Valpo brand has been renovated and relaunched. During the research phase, key stakeholders were asked to help shape the future direction of the University’s brand. Taking part were more than 2,000 alumni, 800 students, 600 faculty members, and 1,000 prospective students.

In the content of this website, you will be introduced to the foundational brand attributes that drive this system, the visual components that make up the brand identity, and the ways in which these elements are used to represent the core Valpo character.

The concept of brand is more than a logo or color scheme; it is a way for members of the Valparaiso University community to show who we are.


Design System

official signature

The Valparaiso Primary Signature is the cornerstone brand identity component for the institution. The signature was developed strategically to communicate our brand attributes. It is constructed by the precise union of our Symbol and Logotype. This design may never be compromised by modifying, amending, subtracting, or otherwise altering its design in any fashion.



Athletics is a vital and thriving part of the Valpo culture. We have 10 men’s teams and 11 women’s teams that compete at the Division I level in the Horizon League. The Valpo football team, which competes at the Division I-FCS level, is a member of the Pioneer League. Our teams enjoy a rich heritage of success and integrity as Valpo Crusaders across all of our athletic programs.


horizontal orientation of Valpo brand

Valpo’s brand identity is represented in its truest form with the combination of every visual component. Shape, signature, space, color, imagery, type and form have been constructed strategically to represent Valparaiso’s Brand Attributes, thus enforcing our personality and meaning.