Faculty members in the education department at Valparaiso University excel at educating the next generation of teachers, school psychologists, and school counselors.

The faculty’s many academic qualifications, combined with years of experience in PreK-12 schools, constitute a department that emphasizes professional preparation, grounded in educational research and applied to extensive clinical practice in area schools and educational institutions.

Renee Baratta

Coordinator of Professional Partnership and Licensure

Lydia Brauer

Associate Professor of Education

Victoria Brockett

Academic Advisor and Assessment Coordinator

Victoria Chiatula

Program Director of Humane Education, M.ED, Assistant Professor of Education

Robert Clark

Co-Director of MSEED, Assistant Professor of Chemistry

Nancy Davis

Associate Professor of Education

Sheryl DeMik

Assistant Professor of Education

Shannon Dubois

Co-Director of MSEED and Assistant Professor of Education

Maryann Dudzinski

Associate Professor of Education

John Frame

Visiting Assistant Professor of Education

Kevin Gary

Associate Professor of Education and Department Chair

Delphina Gillispie

Director of Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship Program, Association Professor of Education

Christina Grabarek

Associate Professor of School Psychology and Associate Dean of the Graduate School

Ruth Johnston

Lecturer in Education

Yoshiaki Nakazawa

Visiting Instructor in Education

Lisa Pappas

Administrative Assistant in the Department of Education

Laurie Snell

Director of Professional Educators Partnership

George Vrabel

Lecturer in Education

Jan Westrick

Professor of Education



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