Why study Chemistry or Biochemistry at Valpo??? Here are just a few of the many reasons!!!

  • The education and research training at Valpo is outstanding and our students go on to some of the best graduate schools in the country.   Recent graduates have attended University of Wisconsin (6 students), Indiana University (4), University of Illinois (3), Harvard University (2), Purdue University (2), and many others. 
  • You will be part of a community that values you and tries to bring out your very best.  Your professors and fellow students will help you meet your goals and support you every step of the way whether that is in the classroom, research lab, or everyday life. 
  • Students work directly with faculty on important research projects such as battery development, solar energy storage, organic synthesis including development of anti-fungal drugs and utilizing enzymes to catalyze chemical reactions, environmental research including microplastics and chemical contaminants, host-guest chemistry, and analysis of how small molecule binding can affect changes in protein shape and function.   
  • You can also become involved in the Chemistry Club.  This student organization of chemistry and biochemistry majors helps organize social, volunteer, and career-building events.  Social events the Mole Day Party and Regressive Dinner (at faculty homes!!) and the All-Science Picnics. 
  • Chemistry colloquium seeks to introduce you to what’s happening in the real world of chemistry/biochemistry.  This includes talks by alumni, professors from other universities, employees of chemistry/biochemistry companies, current research happening within the department, and career building events such as resume preparation.
  • Our facilities and instrumentation are topnotch (see videos below)!

Recent news!

  • Valpo Chemistry, in collaboration with Engineering, Geography and Biology, has won its second NSF Major Research Instrumentation grant in 7 years! This $200,000+ award will fund the purchase a state-of-the-art Raman microscope and create a Spectroscopy Imaging laboratory in the Center for the Sciences. This instrument will be used for numerous research projects and classes. Congrats to Profs. Peller and Smith!!
  • The women’s soccer team honored 18 members of the faculty and staff at their Campus Community game. Five of the 18 honored were Chemistry faculty!!
Chemistry play-button

Center for the Sciences

Chemistry and Biochemistry recently moved to the Center for the Sciences. This new facility houses advanced educational and research laboratories and provides study space for students to interact with faculty. Students receive an excellent education that allows them to pursue a variety of careers and gain admission to top graduate schools.


Premedical Arts

Students in Valpo’s premedical arts program are accepted to medical school at nearly twice the national average. Students can major in any field of study allowing them to prepare for medical school and an alternative career at the same time. Our cadaver lab also provides a unique opportunity.