A commitment to chemistry.

To honor the educational experience at Valparaiso University, alumni, parents, and friends of the University have made gifts that allow the department to honor exceptional students. The chemistry department offers several scholarships for incoming students as well as awards for current chemistry majors.

Valparaiso University offers additional scholarships for students of any major.

For information about awards and scholarships, contact the department chair.

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Each year, the chemistry department awards exceptional students in certain courses, subject areas, and class years:

CRC Freshman Chemistry Award

  • Given to the outstanding freshman General Chemistry student.

POLYED Undergraduate Award in Organic Chemistry

  • Given for outstanding performance in the two-semester Organic Chemistry sequence

Undergraduate Award for Achievement in Biochemistry

  • Given for outstanding performance in the two-semester Biochemistry sequence.

Undergraduate Award for Achievement in Physical Chemistry

  • Given for outstanding performance in the two-semester Physical Chemistry

Undergraduate Award in Analytical Chemistry

  • Given to a junior who has completed at least one course in Analytical Chemistry to recognize students who display an aptitude for a career in the field.

Undergraduate Award in Inorganic Chemistry

  • Given to a senior who has demonstrated excellence in Inorganic Chemistry and whose plans include a career in chemistry.

Charles W. Wolf Memorial Award

  • For the outstanding chemistry student in pre-medical arts. Given to a junior pre-med chemistry major.

Department of Chemistry Outstanding Leadership and Service Award

  • Given to a graduating senior who had demonstrated outstanding leadership in and service to the chemistry department as well as the overall science community at Valpo.

American Institute of Chemists Foundation Baccalaureate Student Award

  • Given in recognition of a demonstrated record of leadership ability, character, scholastic achievement, and advancement potential in the chemical professions.

Valparaiso University Outstanding Senior Chemistry Award

  • Awarded to the preeminent graduating senior chemistry major

Edith Lessor Endowed Scholarship

  • This endowed scholarship seeks to help support female chemistry majors and may be awarded up to four years.