Bioengineering Major
Bioengineering students learn about improving the lives of others by combining principles of engineering and physiological knowledge.
Electrical Engineering Major
Electrical engineering students study the cutting edge of emerging technologies in electronics, microcontrollers, power, and communication systems.


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Engineering Major
Civil engineering students gain expertise in five technical areas: environmental, geotechnical, structures, transportation, and water resources.  
Mechanical Engineering Major
Mechanical engineering students develop expertise in the areas of alternative energy; automatic control of processes; and the design, development, and manufacture of mechanical components or systems.                                              


Computer Engineering Major
Our computer engineering students use technology in computer hardware and software applications, such as cell phones, computers, and robotics.
International Engineering Program
The VIEP program allows students to gain multicultural experience and language proficiency, along with technical engineering skills, to prepare for careers with international research and manufacturing firms in the United States or abroad.