A tour of the Valpo Solar Energy Research Facility

National Council

The continued success of Valparaiso University and its colleges depends on the personal commitment and active involvement of a select group of individuals who embrace the privilege to serve and the responsibility to lead. National Council members are expected to be zealous advocates on behalf of Valpo, enthusiastic communicators of the mission and vision, and to play an integral role in the development and leadership of the College.

The National Council provides the Dean with expertise, advice, and useful critique about the college’s programs, mission, and direction. Its current membership includes:

Doug Tougaw

Dean, College of Engineering
Valparaiso University

Eric W. Johnson ’87

Valparaiso University

Jumah Al-Mazrooie ‘02

Project Delivery, Dubai
Airport Engineering Projects

Lesley K. Chapman ‘77

President and Principal
OCS Environmental, Inc.

Jon Dorn ‘85

Vice President of Business Development
BAE Systems, Inc.

Mark Fisher ’87

Dwyer Instruments

F. Peter Jenny ’85

Vice President
Technology Services, DataCenter Services • Cardinal Health

Mikko Lipasti ’91

University of Wisconsin-Madison
Thalchemy Corp.

Loren Lorig ’73

Principal Geotechnical Engineer
Itasca Consulting Group, Inc.

Andrew J. Meyer ’95

Delivery Project Executive
IBM Group

Mark Nelson ’87

Senior Vice President
Worldwide Sales and Technical Services, Altera Corporation

Diane L. Norris ’85

Proctor & Gamble Company

Rebecca Otte ’95

Environmental Programs Director
Regional Planning Commission for the New Orleans Metropolitan Region

Scott D. Roller ’94

Vice President
Texas Instruments

John Scheffey ’89

Chief Executive Officer and President
Core States Group

Verne R. Schneider ’63

U.S. Geological Survey – International Water Resource Branch

Paula Scholl ’81

Senior Vice President and Director of Operations
Sargent & Lundy

Douglas Spaulding ’66

Nelson Energy LLC

Laura Walker ’88

Vice President of Manufacturing
Task Force Tips, Inc.
King Headz, Inc. and King Hobbies and Raceway

Larry Zimmerman ’70

Retired Civil Engineer