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Interdisciplinary Engineering Studies

At Valpo’s College of Engineering, students have freedom to blend the technical knowledge they receive as future engineers with other areas of interest. Many students participate in an extracurricular activity such as athletics, music, and faith activities that bring balance to their business engineering experience, but some want more.

Blend Business Engineering With Other Academic Pursuits

Business engineering students can pursue multidisciplinary degrees combining engineering degrees with academic programs such as music, business, or Christ College – The Honors College.


All first-year students in the College of Engineering and Christ College take the same courses

Fall Semester 1 Cr. Spring Semester 2 Cr.
CC 110: Texts and Contexts 8 CC 115: Texts and Contexts II 8
MATH 131 or 132 4 MATH 132 or 253 4
PHYS 141 3 PHYS 142 3
PHYS 141L 1 CE, ECE, or ME major course 3
GE 100 2 KIN 1
  18   19

Recommended Christ College courses for College of Engineering students leading to Christ College Scholar honors designation at commencement and on the student transcript:

Engineering Major Requirement Fulfilled
Courses Required for CC Scholar Designation Civil Engineering Computer Engineering Electrical Engineering Mechanical Engineering
CC 110: Texts and Contexts Valpo Core 110 and Humanities Elective Valpo Core 110 and Humanities Elective Valpo Core 110 and Humanities Elective Valpo Core 110 and Humanities Elective
CC 115: Texts and Contexts II Valpo Core 115 and Social Science Elective Valpo Core 115 and Social Science Elective Valpo Core 115 and Social Science Elective Valpo Core 115 and Social Science Elective
CC 215: The Christian Tradition THEO 200 THEO 200 THEO 200 THEO 200
One Course selected from: CC 205 Word and Image CC 255 Society, Self, and Culture CC 270 Interpretation in the Natural Sciences None None Free Elective None
Two courses from the following:CC 300 or 325: Seminar (selected topics)CC 375: The Scholar in Society CC 455 Inquiry in the Liberal Arts Cultural Diversity Course Cultural Diversity Course Cultural Diversity Course or Free Elective Cultural Diversity Course
CC 499: Senior Colloquium (1 credit taken senior year) None None None None

Students at Valparaiso University are able to participate in music ensembles without having to be a music major. Many engineering students choose to pursue a music minor in addition to their engineering degree. The requirements for this minor can easily be coordinated with any engineering major. The music minor consists of a minimum of 18 credit hours in music, along with the authorized attendance of 20 concerts and the passing of the Keyboard Competency Test. If a minor in music is not for you, there are a number of other musical opportunities for musicians of all levels. Studio instruction is available for a wide range of skill levels and instruments. There are also numerous ensembles in which to participate. Visit the Department of Music site for more information. Courses to complete the music minor

Courses to complete the music minor
MUS 109 Musicianship I 2 credits
MUS 163 Music Theory I 3 credits
MUS 164 Music Theory II 3 credits
MUS 201 Development of Western Music 2 credits
Studio Lessons (4 semesters at 1 credit each) 4 credits
Ensemble (4 semesters at 1 credit each) 4 credits

Students interested in pursuing a minor in music may consult with their advisor to create a plan of study.

Engineers who balance their technical and problem-solving skills with a solid understanding of the business environment can significantly improve their likelihood of professional success. There are two major ways to incorporate business coursework into an engineering major. The first of these is to pursue one of two business minors offered at Valparaiso University. The business administration minor provides students with a thorough knowledge of business topics, including accounting, legal aspects of business, economics, statistics, finance, management, and marketing. A total of 27 credits is required, including nine specific undergraduate business courses. A student earning this minor will have a strong foundation in business administration.

Courses to complete the business administration minor:

Courses to complete the business administration minor:
ACC 205 Financial Accounting 3 credits
ACC 206 Managerial Accounting 3 credits
BLAW 104 Legal Environment of Business 3 credits
ECON 221 Economics-Micro 3 credits
ECON 222 Economics-Macro 3 credits
IDS 205 Business Statistics 3 credits
FIN 304 Financial Management 3 credits
MGT 304 Management and Organizational Behavior 3 credits
MKT 304 Marketing Management 3 credits


Students who would like a deeper knowledge of business than that provided by either of these interdisciplinary engineering minors might consider joining the Master of Business Administration (MBA) program after completing their undergraduate degree, either on a full-time or part-time basis. The MBA program is designed to teach managers how to apply the theories learned at the undergraduate level. It also incorporates special emphasis on the use of technology such as MBA Live, the importance of sustainability, and the incorporation of ethical standards into all business decisions.

Engineering students who complete the business administration minor and then pursue an MBA degree after graduation will only need to take a total of 38 MBA credits, which is typically done in one calendar year, if attending full-time. As a result, students can complete both their undergraduate engineering degree and their MBA degree in a total of five years. Students interested in pursuing any of these business opportunities may ask their advisor to aid them in creating a plan of study. For more information regarding the MBA, please visit the MBA website or contact the MBA office at 219.465.7952 or mba@valpo.edu.

I credit the combination of Christ College in tandem with the College of Engineering for launching me into one of the best law schools in the country, and then into my career as a patent attorney. The small class sizes allow the CC professors and students to challenge each other to think, read, and write more critically — skills which are necessary in any profession.

Becca Crocker ’08, Mechanical Engineering

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