Faculty and Staff

The faculty of Valparaiso University’s geography and meteorology department bring extraordinary commitment and expertise to ensuring students’ success. Every professor in the geography and meteorology program at Valpo holds the highest degree in his or her field.

Teresa Bals Elsholz

Teresa Bals-Elsholz, Ph.D. Professor of Meteorology and Chair, Department of Geography & Meteorology 219.464.6003 Dynamic and synoptic meteorology, tropical systems, Southern Hemisphere weather, CoCoRaHS.

Bart Wolf

Bart Wolf, Ph.D. Professor of Meteorology 219.464.5136 Large- and small-scale forecasting, severe storms, thermodynamics.

Mike Longan

Michael Longan, Ph.D. Professor of Geography 219.464.6874 Cultural geography, urban geography and planning, communication geography, rural geography, landscape, neighborhood and community activism, cyberspace, East Asia.

Craig Clark

Craig Clark, Ph.D. Professor of Meteorology 219.464.5523 Boundary layer meteorology, climatology, lake effect snow.

Bharath Ganesh Babu, Ph.D. Professor of Geography 219.464.6984 Globalization and the Environment, Remote Sensing and GIS for Environmental Monitoring and Analysis, Cartographic Design.

Kevin Goebbert

Kevin Goebbert, Ph.D. Professor of Meteorology 219.464.5517 Synoptic Meteorology and Forecasting, Numerical Weather Prediction, and Meteorological Computer Applications, Climate Change.

Jon Paul McCool

Jon Paul McCool, Ph.D. Associate Professor of Geography (Pronouns: he/him/his) 219.464.5139 Geoarchaeology, Soils, Biorhexistasy Theory, African Humid Period, Sudan, North Africa, Geographic Information Systems, Earth Systems Science, Fluvial & Aeolian Sediment Transport, Anthropogenic Modification of Soil & Sediment Systems.

Leanne Blind-Doskocil Staff Meteorologist 219.464.5157 Meteorological Instrumentation, Severe Convection, RADAR Meteorology, Forecasting, and Mesoscale Meteorology


Adam Stepanek, Ph.D. Adjunct Assistant Professor of Meteorology 219.464.5472 Aviation meteorology, Synoptic-dynamic meteorology, Mesoscale meteorology, Weather forecasting problems, Operational meteorology, Meteorological computing, Space weather, Military meteorology.


Administrative Assistant for Geography and Meteorology 219.464.5140

Jon Kilpinen

Jon Kilpinen, Ph.D. Former Professor of Geography and Former Dean, College of Arts & Sciences American historical geography and environmental history, Europe, political geography, GIS. Dean Kilpinen is now Provost at Black Hills State University in South Dakota. Please contact the department chair if you would like to contact him.