Nationally Respected

Valparaiso University’s meteorology program, which gained the status of a major in 1991, has quickly become one of the nation’s most respected training grounds for professional meteorologists. Valpo meteorology majors go on to attend the nation’s top graduate programs and are employed by public- and private-sector firms and broadcast stations around the world.

Weather Technology

Valpo meteorology students have extraordinary access to state-of-the-art instruments, facilities, and technology. The Valparaiso University Weather Center, a laboratory where students gain hands-on experience and provide weather information and forecasts for Northwest Indiana, has an excellent array of meteorological equipment. Our facilities feature the following:

  • 33-foot instrumented tower
  • 5-cm simultaneous dual-polarization Doppler radar
  • UNIDATA and GEMPAK data retrieval and display systems
  • Radiosonde launching and tracking systems
  • Portable sensors and computers
  • Weather In a Tank

Opportunities to gain practical experience in research and forecasting abound at Valpo, both within the curriculum and through extracurricular activities and work experience. The program’s popular 11-day convective field study to the Great Plains are an integral part of the educational experience for meteorology students, and avid storm enthusiasts join the Valparaiso University Storm Intercept Team. Meteorology students are also important contributors to the National Weather Service’s Skywarn program. The department’s excellent relationship with the National Weather Service and with employers ensures a wealth of internship opportunities for students.

A Wealth of Electives

Few undergraduates in the country have access to the variety of meteorology electives available to Valpo students. Among the courses we offer on a regular basis:

  • Radar Meteorology
  • Tropical Meteorology
  • Boundary Layer Meteorology
  • Meteorological Computer Applications
  • Global Climate Change
  • Aviation Meteorology
  • Numerical Weather Prediction
  • Severe Storm Prediction and Nowcasting
  • Lake Effect Forecasting
  • Meteorological Instrumentation
  • Meteorology Research courses