Engaged Professors

“…then there’s that moment in the second semester when all of the pieces suddenly come together — when all those cumbersome equations suddenly make sense, and they understand how the system works. I stand in front of the class writing equations, and they race ahead of me.,” says Dr. Teresa Bals-Elsholz.


Excellent Students

Zachary Bruick ’17 chose Valpo because of the meteorology program’s reputation, but it’s the department’s atmosphere that makes him very satisfied with his choice.


Committed Mentors

“Our geography students deeply understand the various facets of our world. They are not afraid of the unknown, and that makes them empathetic. I am proud to be a part of their lives,” says Professor Bharath Ganesh Babu.

Larry Mowry

Successful Alumni

Larry Mowry ’02 has achieved remarkable success in broadcast meteorology. Valpo, he says, taught him how to earn the public’s trust.