Geography & Meteorology


The Department of Geography & Meteorology at Valparaiso University offers strong majors in both geography and meteorology. Geography concentrations create tracks in Geography, Geo-Sustainability, Urban and Regional Planning, Geospatial Analysis, and Earth Science, allowing each path to be unique. Minors in geography, meteorology, and geographic information systems (GIS) provide value to any major.

Our four-year degree programs are designed to give students a foundational education that explores geographical and atmospheric sciences in a way that promotes deep and analytical thinking. Students pursuing a degree in geography or meteorology can expect to explore exciting careers as a geospatial data analyst, meteorologist, atmospheric scientist, GIS technician, emergency manager, cartographer, imagery analyst, airline operations manager, science educator, and more.

A solid foundation

Valpo programs in geographical sciences and atmospheric sciences share a commitment to rigorous learning experience both inside and outside the classroom. Classes in our Department of Geography and Meteorology merge theory and application, giving you the tools for your next step. Students experience hands-on learning through extensive field experience and internships.

Learn to forecast storms in the high plains from Texas to Montana, experience America’s natural environments through field expeditions, gain expertise in field techniques though observation, measurement, and analysis, and learn to analyze spatial data to make stunning digital maps.

Are degrees in geography and meteorology in demand? With a post-graduation placement rate over 91%, your foundation builds your future.

Community of Distinction

Be part of a community of dedicated professors, excellent students, and engaged alumni and follow your shared passion in geography or meteorology. Forge your career as a leader, a team builder,  and a beacon in your field.

Geography in Real Life

With one of the oldest and most respected geography programs in the United States, Valpo has produced a steady stream of successful professional geographers.

Meteorology in Action

Valparaiso University’s meteorology program, which gained the status of a major in 1991, has quickly become one of the nation’s most respected training grounds for professional meteorologists.

Commitment to your success

Prospective Valpo meteorologists and geographers please schedule a visit to the department!  We love to meet with future students and spend time with you learning about your interests and charting a suitable path for you. Admissions will set you up with a full tour and visit with a professor.  Just in case you haven’t been scheduled to meet with a professor, please contact the department chair Professor Teresa Bals-Elsholz.