Experiential Learning

Valpo meteorology students are experienced forecasters by the time they graduate.

Valparaiso University’s location offers a wide variety of interesting and challenging weather, from lake-effect snows to severe convective storms, and Valpo’s sophisticated equipment and expert instruction allow students to take full advantage of the immediate environment.

Valpo meteorology students provide an invaluable service to residents of the region by staffing the Valparaiso University Weather Center, where they apply the theory they have learned. Students gain expertise in skills like reading Doppler radar and interpreting data provided by weather balloons they launch from campus.

The department maintains a fruitful relationship with the National Weather Service. Many students participate in the NWS’s Skywarn program, and NWS offices and regional bureaus around the nation have hosted Valpo students as interns. Private-sector forecasting firms are also eager to offer internships to Valpo students, and television stations around the country have given Valpo students a first-hand look at the reality of broadcast meteorology.