Adam J. Stepanek ’01

Assistant Professor of Meteorology

Kallay-Christopher Hall, 201-D


Ph.D. – Purdue University (2017)
M.S. – Naval Postgraduate School (2006)
B.S. – Valparaiso University (2001)


Aviation meteorology, synoptic-dynamic meteorology, mesoscale meteorology, weather forecasting problems, operational meteorology, meteorological computing, space weather, military meteorology

Courses Taught

  • MET 103 Introduction to Meteorology lecture and lab
  • MET 130 Weather Technology
  • MET 271 Aviation Meteorology
  • MET 291 Professional Perspectives
  • MET 335 Meteorological Instrumentation
  • MET 372L Atmospheric Dynamics I Lab
  • MET 373L Atmospheric Dynamics II Lab
  • MET 471 Advanced Aviation Meteorology (formerly MET 490 Topics)


  • “Measurements of Differential Reflectivity in Snowstorms and Warm Season Stratiform Systems,” in Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, March 2015, authors: Earle R. Williams, David J. Smalley, Michael F. Donovan, Robert G. Hallowell, Kenta T. Hood, Betty J. Bennett, Raquel Evaristo, Adam Stepanek, Teresa Bals-Elsholz, Jacob Cobb, Jaclyn Ritzman, Alexei Korolev, and Mengistu Wolde.
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