Adam J. Stepanek

Adjunct Assistant Professor of Meteorology

Kallay-Christopher Hall, 201-D


Ph.D. – Purdue University (2017)
M.S. – Naval Postgraduate School (2006)
B.S. – Valparaiso University (2001)


Aviation meteorology, synoptic-dynamic meteorology, mesoscale meteorology, weather forecasting problems, operational meteorology, meteorological computing, space weather, military meteorology

Courses Taught

MET 103 Introduction to Meteorology lecture and lab
MET 130 Weather Technology
MET 271 Aviation Meteorology
MET 291 Professional Perspectives
MET 335 Meteorological Instrumentation
MET 372L Atmospheric Dynamics I Lab
MET 373L Atmospheric Dynamics II Lab
MET 471 Advanced Aviation Meteorology (formerly MET 490 Topics)


“Measurements of Differential Reflectivity in Snowstorms and Warm Season Stratiform Systems,” in Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, March 2015, authors: Earle R. Williams, David J. Smalley, Michael F. Donovan, Robert G. Hallowell, Kenta T. Hood, Betty J. Bennett, Raquel Evaristo, Adam Stepanek, Teresa Bals-Elsholz, Jacob Cobb, Jaclyn Ritzman, Alexei Korolev, and Mengistu Wolde.