Ronald A. Janke

Retired Professor of Geography


Ph.D. – University of Minnesota (1976)


Geomorphology, American Indians, North America

Courses Taught

  • GEO 104 Introduction to Geomorphology
  • GEO 204 National Parks
  • GEO 274 North American Indian on Film
  • GEO 301 Regional Geographies of the World: United States
  • GEO 385 Field Study (Alaska Glaciers, Hawaii Volcanoes, Biogeography of the Sonoran Desert, Plains Indians)
  • GEO 404 Advanced Geomorphology


“The Loss of Indian Lands in Wisconsin, Montana, and Arizona,” in American Indians: Cultural Geography, 1995
“Population, Reservations, and Federal Indian Policy,” in Dictionary of Native American Literature, 1994
“Indian Land-Tenure Problems in the United States,” in Themes in Rural History of the Western World, 1993