Craig A. Clark

Professor of Meteorology

Kallay-Christopher Hall, 201-B


Ph.D. – Iowa State University (2007)
M.S. – University of Kansas (1994)
B.S. – Valparaiso University (1991)


Boundary layer meteorology, climatology, lake effect snow.

Courses Taught

  • MET 103 Introduction to Meteorology
  • MET 215 Climatology
  • MET 240/GEO 240 Introduction to Climate Change
  • MET 292 Lake Effect Snow Analysis and Forecasting
  • MET 350 Boundary Layer Meteorology
  • MET 369 Atmospheric Thermodynamics
  • MET 440 Global Climate Change
  • MET 460/GEO 460 Data Analysis
  • MET 490 Topic: Instrumentation Seminar, Lake Effect Snow Research


  • “Spatiotemporal snowfall variability in the Lake Michigan region: How is warming affecting November and March
    snowfall?” Inter. J. Climatol., 2018: 1-14,  by Craig A. Clark, B. Ganesh-Babu, T. Elless, A. Lyza, D. Koning, A. Carne, H. Boney, A. Sink, and J. Barrick,
  • “Spatiotemporal Snowfall Variability in the Lake Michigan Region: How is Warming Affecting Wintertime Snowfall?”, in Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, Journal of Applied Meteorology and Climatology, 55, 1813-1830, by Craig A. Clark, Travis J. Elless, Anthony W. Lyza, Bharath Ganesh-Babu, Dana M. Koning, Alexander R. Carne, Holly A. Boney, Amanda M. Sink, Sarah K. Mustered, and Justin M. Barrick.
  • “The Great Plains Low-Level Jet during the Warm Season of 1993”, in Monthly Weather Review, September 1997, Raymond W. Arritt, Thomas D. Rink, Moti Segal, Dennis P. Todey, Craig A. Clark, Mark J. Mitchell, and Kenneth M. Labas.
  • “Numerical Simulations of the Effect of Soil Moisture and Vegetation Cover on the Development of Deep Convection,” in Journal of Applied Meteorology, September 1995, Craig A. Clark and Raymond W. Arritt.